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Welcome to the new home of the St. Louis Homeschool Events List! Below you will find a listing of still relevant items from the last published Yahoo list (so they will all be searchable at this new site). I will also be adding the mini lists and new posts over the next several days. If you would like to receive future posts, sign up with just your email address to your right (NO password necessary). I will still continue to post no more than twice a week. After the initial repeats (to allow for searching), only new additions will posted. Yea! No more 60 page emails, you don’t have time to read and a functioning search engine! Please notice the “Ongoing Offerings” to your left. These will stay here (with probably more additions) for easy access to the most recent calendar events to those homeschool favorite places.  As usual, If you know of an event or a link you would like added, please contact me at zana 87 96 [at] yahoo [dot] com ; comments are not available, but sharing is.


Back to Basics Bookstore in O’Fallon, MO. has decided to offer a consignment section for homeschooling materials. They are just getting started in this new venture and would love your feedback, so contact them with your suggestions. Here are the terms they have laid out for commencing with this new service:

Here are some terms we have crafted to make our department a win-win situation. This is a new category, so we have crafted a living document and are open to your suggestions. Your input is valuable to us and we may make some changes as we go forth. Home School Book Department Consignment Terms:

1.)  Client brings in books with price on an outside sticker and a 3X5 card inside. On the index card is listed the name, address and phone number of the consigner, title of the book, price of the book and the date. The consigner will be responsible for updating address and phone number if these change. When the book is sold, the index card will go into a file box. When you come in, we will check the file box and will write you a check or offer you merchandise credit for the amount accumulated.

2.)  We trust you to know the price you feel is reasonable and are mindful of competitive factors when pricing your products. If you want it to sell fast, price it appropriately. You have the right to pick your books up or reduce the prices whenever you want to do so. Our policy reflects our belief in the free market system of trade.

3.)  The consigner can call the bookstore to see if anything has sold and the amount of the credit. The consigner and bookstore will split the selling price 50-50%. The credit can be applied to other purchases from any department.

4.)  The bookstore has the right to refuse anything and is not responsible for shoplifting or damage. We offer you a venue where your inventory is exposed to the public during regular business hours six days a week. This will remain your inventory, not ours.

5.)  If you have some books that are not sellable, but may still have some benefit to needy families and you do not want them back, you can leave them with us and we will use them to help others.


Homeschoolers now have access to a new online algebra program developed by public school teachers. This program is available to the public at no charge.

Components of the program are:

– Over 190 online lessons that read aloud to students,

– Videos with teenage honor students explaining the math,

– Online quizzes, and

– Printable cross curricular “Famous Old Dudes” worksheets which include information on where to go for extra help.

The home page is  From there, click the “Free Lessons” button. The first three sections are review.  Please look past those first three sections to get to the heart of the program.

If you would like more information on how the program works, watch the video at

There are printable record keeping documents for pre-algebra and algebra students at


James S. McDonnell Planetarium in Forest Park or

August 5, 2011

September 2, 2011

October 7, 2011

November 4, 2011


Francis Park (St. Louis Hills area, Tamm Ave at Itaska St)

August 3, 2011

September 7, 2011

October 5, 2011

November 2, 2011

December 28, 2011


Glenda Moore, an experienced Waldorf teacher, will be offering art classes to homeschool children beginning September 2011. These classes will be open to children 5-7 years of age with a cost of $25 per class, with families signing up for a 4-month semester at a time. She is trying to gage interest now in preparation for the fall. The class will be held from 9-12 noon on Saturdays, but she is open to weekdays if that would better meet the needs of homeschool families. Each month would cover a different medium such as painting, ceramic, knitting, sewing, modeling with clay and beeswax etc.

She is also offering parenting classes in eight week sessions for $225 for the series, a parents night out babysitting evening, and storytelling for birthdays. If you have interest in any of these, please call Glenda Moore Friday through Monday 9:00am-9:00pm, or Tuesday-Thursday 3:00-9:00pm at (314) 646-0626.

Glenda is located in Maplewood.


For teens and/or families:

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is opening a South City Thrift Store at Kingshighway and Christy very soon. It is just across from St. Mary Magdalene, next to Burlington Coat Factory. Volunteers are the heart and soul of the success of our stores that offer value prices with profits supporting our many programs. Get a friend or two and commit to a 1/2 day, or more each month. Help us help others while having a great time.

Volunteer areas: receiving/sorting, sales floor set-up, cashier, librarian, test electronics, furniture repair. Call Jerry Mueller 406- 2330, or Molly Kertz 881-6032

>>Editors Note: This contact is for volunteering at all locations and they welcome teens with a chaperone.


Below is a link that explains JoAnn’s teacher discount. Homeschoolers count. Just print off your group membership card to show proof of being a home educator.

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