Mini List from May 2, 2011


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K-8 Homeschool Network classes at Ches Pres

Chesterfield Presbyterian’s Homeschool Network is now accepting registrations for the 2011-12 school year.

HSN offers a day of classes for home schooled students in grades 1-8.

New this year is a half-day (afternoon) kindergarten.

Classes for grades 1st-3rd include writing, literature, science, geography, art, music and PE.

Classes for grades 4th-7th include writing, literature, science, spoken word, art, music and PE.

Eighth graders take the same classes as 4th-7th but have the option of taking Apologia Physical Science instead of general science.

Complete information, brochures and registration forms are available at under connection, children, then homeschool network or contact Noel Kellogg at 636 779 0323 or

CPC’s Homeschool Network 9Up

Are you looking for some classes for your high school student in an educationally challenging and Godly environment which fosters friendships? Come join us at 9Up, the high school portion of the Homeschool Network at Ches Pres.

CPC’s Homeschool Network 9Up (formerly 9/10) is accepting registrations for the 2011-12 school year.  9Up will offer:

IEW writing,

Apologia Biology and Chemistry


Speech and Debate

a lunch hour for students to build friendships outside of class time

These courses will provide enough hours for high school credit.  Information is available at under connection, children, then homeschool network, or contact Linda at

If you know of an event or a link you would like added, please contact me at zana 87 96 [at] yahoo [dot] com ; comments are not available, but sharing is.

The posted events are open to all homeschoolers in the St. Louis, MO, area (including St. Louis City, St. Louis County, St. Charles County, Franklin County, and Jefferson County in MO, and Madison County, Monroe County, and St. Clair County in IL, and surrounding regions). Those marked with an asterisk (*) do not take place within the target area for this list, but are open to all homeschoolers who live in the target area. NOTE: Inclusion in this list does not necessarily indicate endorsement by the list owner. I try to include as many events or classes I know of in the Greater St. Louis area that would be of special interest to homeschoolers. Some of these events come from a distinctively “Christian” perspective, while others are purely “secular” in nature. If you see things that you would not be particularly interested in, just ignore them and look for the things that do appeal to you.