New Events for 7/26/2011

I appreciate your understanding that a new post will come each day until I am current. I didn’t want to overwhelm with one super long post, so these are the extras days. In the future there will be no more than 2 posts per week. Remember to visit “Ongoing Offerings” at the website for links to the Zoo, Botanical Gardens and other homeschool favorite events. A link to the website can be found at the top of this email. Please feel free to forward this email to other homeschoolers and encourage them to join the email loop since it has become SO EASY! Contact information is available at the bottom of this post if you have any questions.


See July 23, 2011 post for complete class information

The location of the Algebra I class for homeschooled students during the 2011-2012 school year has been confirmed:  First E. Free Church, 1375 Carmen Road, Manchester, MO 63021

We will begin the class on Tuesday, August 23.  You can find all of the details about the format, curriculum, cost, registration, etc. at  If you have any questions, feel free to call 314-646-9548 or email (

Space is limited to 15 students.


Because It Flew (BIF) is a free innovative educational program that introduces students grades 4-12 (ages 9-17) to the impact of the NASA Space Shuttle Program on our planet and people. It is designed as an engaging and informative project that commemorates the 30-year history of the Shuttle program and its scientific and technological contributions to society.

Resources and activities were developed with support of NASA by NIA in partnership with USA TODAY Education.

I believe BIF might be of interest to you and your state’s home schoolers for several reasons:

– BIF integrates STEM and language arts in a way that engages students.

– BIF offers cash awards, a remote mentoring session with a graphic artist, and certificates.

– BIF could easily be adapted to group and individual homeschool settings thereby serving as an engaging end-of-year, summer, or conference/camp project.

I have attached an invitation from Carmen Futrell, an art teacher from Virginia Beach, Virginia. In the invitation, Carmen describes the educational benefits of BIF participation.

BIF consists of two elements: 1) optional educational activities and 2) NASA Space Shuttle Art Competition.

Educational Activities

Four interesting, unique activities engage and introduce students to the history of NASA Space Shuttle missions. They may also guide students through the process of creating an entry for the NASA Space Shuttle Art Competition. Download the activities (pdf) directly from the website:

NASA Space Shuttle Art Competition

Students are invited to create original artwork that symbolizes the impact of the NASA Space Shuttle Program on our planet and people. They will also write a 250-word essay explaining their artistic entries. An expert panel of artists will review submissions. See for more competition details, including rules, entry and consent forms.

Submission deadline: August 5, 2011.

Discover the Night Sky at Onondaga State Park
Discover the Night Sky at Onondaga State Park  August 27th & September 24th.
The program “Viewable Objects in the Night Sky” starts at 6:30pm. Following the program visitors are invited to look through the provided telescopes at distant objects in the night sky. This event is free and requires no reservation.   For more info call 1-800-334-6946


Preparations for the 33rd Annual YMCA Bookfair are well underway!  We have been collecting books for this year’s fair since March at St. Louis YMCA locations. Our volunteers have been working hard at the Historic Carondelet YMCA, sorting, pricing and boxing up books for the August event!

SAVE THE DATE!   33rd Annual YMCA Bookfair, August 19 – 24

Kennedy Recreation Complex

6050 Wells Road, St. Louis, MO, 63128

First Selection Night

Friday, August 19 – $10 admission

4:00pm – 10:00pm

Tickets on sale at the Kennedy Recreation Complex at 8:00 am

No overnight camping in the park

Free Admission

Saturday, August 20 – Wednesday, August 24

9:00am – 9:00pm

Half Price Day

Tuesday, August 23

9:00am – 9:00pm

$10 a Box Day

Wednesday, August 24

9:00am -9:00pm

Volunteers are the key to our success at the fair, keeping the Bookfair mission at heart. We are always looking for new volunteers to help us throughout the year. We are currently pricing and sorting books Tuesday-Thursday and Saturdays.  Please contact  or call 314.353.4960 if you would like to get involved in volunteering for the fair!

KEEP THE TREASURES COMING! ….Although Spring cleaning might have passed you by, take a look at your bookshelf and toss a few our way through July!  You can deliver donated books to the St. Louis YMCA branch closest to you!  Visit our website to see a list of branches.


Community Bible Study is an interdenominational Bible study for anyone   interested in learning about God’s Word.  The focus of CBS is to glorify   God and help people grow in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.    The West County Day CBS class has supported homeschooling for over 15 years by   offering corresponding classes for children birth through sixth grade.    Babies and moms are welcomed at a nursing mother’s class, toddlers younger   than two years of age are cared for by loving babysitters, preschool children   are involved in a wonderful preschool program emphasizing the love God has for   them, elementary-aged children are involved in classes that mimic their   mother’s classes.  These students study the same books of the Bible their   mothers study only at an age-appropriate level.  The West County Day CBS   class will study 1 & 2 Peter, Job, Colossians, and 1 & 2 Thessalonians   for the 2011-2012 school year.  Classes are held Wednesdays from 9:15 –   11:30 at the First Evangelical Free Church in Manchester, MO (where the Expo   has been held the last several years) from September to early May.  Costs   for ladies who participate in CBS is about $85.00 per year. Costs for   preschool-aged children is $10.00 per child with a cap at $20.00 per   family.  Costs for elementary-aged children is $10.00 per child with a   cap at $20.00 per family. Scholarships are available if there is financial   need.  To register for Community Bible Study, contact Sharon Johnson at   (314) 968-7583.  For questions concerning the children’s programs,   contact Cyndi Fournie at (314) 962.6980.

Our family has been   involved in Community Bible Study since 1994 when I had a baby, a preschooler,   and an elementary-aged child.  It has been a blessing to us.  It   allowed me to study the Bible with other women while resting assured my kids   were well-cared for and studying the Scriptures also.  Please consider   CBS while planning for your 2011-2012 school year.  Remember, only one   Book has eternal value,

Having recently graduated our   youngest homeschool student, I am now happy to serve as a teacher in one of   the homeschool classes at CBS, and I would love to have your student(s) join   us.  Feel free to contact me, Sheryl Kramer at 636.537.9679, if you have   any additional questions.


We are excited to announce the Crossroad Christian Connection Back to School Bash of 2011! Join us for fellowship, fun, enrollment, and activity sign up information Friday, August 19, 2011 at Dames Park, address: Dames Park Dr, O’Fallon, MO 63366.  We will kick things off at 10am.  Feel free to stay awhile or pop in and out from 10am-12pm.   During this time, parents will have the opportunity to sign up for Crossroad Christian Connection Support Group membership, ask questions, and get a closer look at upcoming activities that are available during the school year…all while meeting other home school families.  Meanwhile, kids will enjoy face painting, water activities, bubbles, games, and a playground!  Hope to see you all there!

Not able to make it?  No problem!  You can download your enrollment form and mail it to us.

>Remember to bring your check book and calendar.

>Also, last year’s members who have paid for yearbooks can pick them up at the bash and get their yearbooks signed by friends.

>Come rain or shine, join us under the pavilion.  If the weather is severe, “lightning and thunder”, this event will be rescheduled for the following Friday.


Dawn, Jennifer, Karsen, and Angel

Crossroads Christian Connection


My name is Ginnie Stowe and I am pleased to announce that I will be directing a Classical Conversations Challenge II program at the Classical Conversations Community of Lake St. Louis beginning in August on Thursdays.   I have educated my four children ages 12 to 22 at home since 1994. Our family moved to St. Charles from Kansas City three years ago due to a change in my husband’s employment.  Since being here, we have been involved with various activities and at various levels of responsibility in the home school community, church community, and in the community at large. Some of these activities are SCCHE Learning Center classes, band, choir, and summer drama camp, AWANA, baseball and softball summer leagues, Boy Scouts, and Classical Conversations.

The Classical Conversations Challenge II program is for all high school students ages 14 and up   whom desire an academically challenging curriculum based on the Classical Model of education.  This program includes Saxon Math, Apologia Biology, British Literature and Composition, Art and Music History, Logic, American Drama, Latin, and much, much more.  Students develop and strengthen the life-long learning skills of grammar, exposition, debate, logic, rhetoric, and research.  The Challenge II program students meet as a group once a week for 30 weeks with a trained Challenge Director/Tutor for six one-hour seminars.  This program requires much from the student and the parent is ultimately responsible for overseeing, grading, and recording their child’s assignments, tests, and curricula.

Classical Conversations recognizes and supports you, the parent, as your child’s primary teacher.  Many parents feel inadequate to home school their children through the high school years.  The Challenge II program can help by modeling how to educate with confidence and by providing accountability during these very important years.   The Challenge II Director/Tutor is not your child’s primary teacher, but comes along side you as a partner in your child’s education.


Registration:  $120 (due upon enrollment)

Tuition:  $1175 (1st semester: $587.50, 2nd semester: $587.50)

Lab:  $50

Facility Use: $35

If interested, please contact: Ginnie Stowe at ginnie.stowe @ gmail. com

Cahokia Archaeological Bus Tour
Saturday August 27th
9 am – 4 pm
Cost: $25 per person
Join Cahokia Archaeological Society for bus tour to off-set the cost of Archaeology Day.  The day will begin at 9 am with a trip to Kampsville Il where the group will tour an excavation at Kampsville with one of their archaeologists.  Along the way, several mound sites will be pointed out and discussed.  These include Horseshoe Lake Mound, MItchell Mound, Grassy Lake Mound, Pere Marquette mounds, and others.
We will be stopping for a group lunch at Mel’s River Dock Restaurant in Hardin Il., however you will be responsible for your own lunch.  There is a sign up sheet at the Information desk, spaces are limited – but we would like to fill the bus.  Please contact the site at 618-346-5160 for more information or to sign up.
This should be a fun and informative trip, hope to see you there to learn about some important prehistoric features of southern Illinois!

St. Louis Speech and Debate Club

As a continuation of the classes that have met this year, the St. Louis Speech and Debate Club is offering the following classes are being offered for the 2011-2012 school year.

Class Descriptions:

Latin 2:  This is a high school level Latin 2 class for students in grades 8-12. The teacher has many years experience teaching Latin at the high school level.  Texts of First Year Latin by Charles Jenney and Rogers V. Scudder will be made available to students for use during the year. This class is a continuation of Latin 1 offered last year.  Students who did not take last year’s class and wish to try Latin 2, can contact Mrs. Lewis. (Teacher: Mrs. Florence Lewis)

Speech:  This class will focus acquainting students with different forms of speech and polishing delivery skills.  The goal is that students will become effective communicators and prepare for speech competition.  The first semester will have an instructional format along with a coaching component.  Second semester will be predominately a workshop/coaching style.  We desire to teach the fundamentals of speech while providing individual feedback to students.  Interpretive, Limited Prep., and Platform speeches will be covered.  Grades: 7-12. Duration: 45 minutes. (Teacher: Mrs. Melanie Wilson)

Apologetics:  This 45 minute class will serve the dual purpose of strengthening students in their faith and preparing those with interest in the Apologetics speech event.  This is an extension of the speech class and the expectation is that students in Apologetics would also participate in Speech.  Grades: 7-12. Duration: 45 minutes. (Teacher: Mr. Eric Tonjes)

Debate:  The focus of this class will be Team Policy.  The class will offer both an instructional format and a workshop component.  We will teach the fundamentals of debate and promoting understanding of this year’s policy debate resolution.   Guest speakers, student feedback, and debate practice will be a part of the training process.  With the St. Louis Speech and Debate Club, we will coordinate both practice and demonstration debates throughout the year.  Grades: 7-12. Duration: 1-1/2 hours. (Teacher: Mrs. Robyn Starkey)

Junior Speech:  This class is offered for students grades 4 to 6.  The focus is on providing gentle guidance in speech and ample opportunities for public speaking in a safe, encouraging environment.  We will discuss topics ranging from choosing a topic to speaking with clear articulation.  We also spend time writing and sharing simple poetry such as limericks, acrostics, and cinquains.  Grades: 4-6. Duration: 1-1/2 hours. (Teacher: Mrs. Kathy Jacobs)


11:30-1:00       Latin 2

1:05-1:25         Lunch

1:30-2:15         Apologetics (2nd Semester Speech will began during this time slot)

1:30-3:00          Junior Speech

2:15-3:00         Speech

3:00-4:30         Debate (Team Policy emphasis-45 Minutes instruction/45 Minutes workshop)

Location: West County Assembly of God (13431 N. Outer 40 Rd., Chesterfield MO 63017)

Start Date:  September 13, 2011 (*Latin 2 will begin August 2, 2011)

Cost:  All course fees are per semester except Latin.  All fees reflect a per student cost.

Latin-$250 (per year)

Speech (with Apologetics) & Debate-$50 each (per semester—$85 for both classes)

Junior Speech-$50 (per semester)

Registration and Informational Meeting:

Registration is May 10-May 31.  There will be an informational meeting & registration at West County Assembly of God.  The date is:  Tuesday, May 10 at 1:00 P.M.

Registration Fee:

A registration fee of $45 per student will be charged to hold a student’s place.  $ 35 for Junior Speech.

Those registering after June 1 will pay $60/50 per registration fee.


Robyn Starkey (618) 458-7324;


St. Louis Teens For Christ Invites you to…

“Prepare for the Journey”

Bible Quiz Camp 2011

August 19-20

Calvary Church, 3998 Mid Rivers Mall Dr., St. Peters, MO

Cost for quizzers: $15

Cost for volunteers/parents: $10

For more information, please visit:


“Please note-this is NOT an overnight event”

Quiz Camp is a great orientation for new quizzers and adults interested in helping, as well as a fun kick-off to the fall season which runs from September to January and requires a separate registration. While Quiz Camp is optional, it is strongly recommended for new quizzers. It’s also a great opportunity for parents to see first-hand what Bible Quizzing is all about!

Registration forms for Quiz Camp & for Bible Quizzing Fall Season are attached for your convenience.

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