New Events for 8/4/2011

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Attention all homeschool families out there!

Don’t miss our “Once In A Lifetime” POOL Party!!!
This is a great chance to make new friends, compete in water activities, and basically have a blast.  Whether you are 2 or 102, don’t miss out on all the fun!  Check out all the fun games:
*Water Relay Race
*Recovery Competitions in both shallow water and deep water
*Cannon Ball Competition, and…..
*If we can get some bold individuals, a Belly Flop Competition!
 There will be music, fun, water, and the Snack Shack will be open to serve your favorite foods.  Did I mention water and fun?  And a small wading pool for the babies?
BTW, this is a private party so we have the facility all to ourselves.
Register early to reserve your spot.
Please note:  This time we are asking that you pay in advance for the party.  If we do not get enough participants, your check will be refunded or shred.
When?   Monday   August 22, 2011
Time?     5pm to 9pm
Where?   Concordia Turners, 6432 Gravois Ave., St. Louis, MO, at Gravois and Holly Hills
Admission:  $5.00 per person
>>> To reserve your spot, please send cash or check to:
Cathy Mullins: 3675 Montana, St. Louis, MO  63116
(Make checks payable to SHARE)
Got questions?  Contact Mark Chrun at mcrjnc[at]
P.S. Please dress in modest swim apparel.  Thanks!
Parent/student meeting for NEW, CURRENT, or PROSPECTIVE families
Saturday, August 20th – 10AM-Noon
The Pillar Foundation (15820 Clayton Rd)
✦ Find out what’s new at BOTD’s performing
arts school.
✦ Enjoy a bagel buffet, meet and fellowship
with other students and their families.
✦ Receive & review your 2011/2012 BOTD
Student/Parent Packet.
✦ Learn about BOTD’s policies.
✦ Learn about BOTD’s Christian vision &
performance opportunities for students!
by August 17th to:
NOTE: If you cannot attend, please arrange to have someone take notes for you.
Haven’t registered for classes yet?
Registration fee: $25 per family

Fit’N Fun Homeschool program

O’Fallon YMCA, 3451 Pheasant Meadows Dr., O’Fallon, MO 63368 • 636-379-0092

Registration starts August 22; class begins September 5 and is held on Thursdays from 2:00 till 3:00 p.m.  The cost is $40 for non-members, and $25 for YMCA members. Each session runs for six weeks, and is geared toward Kindergarten through 8th graders.  They usually break up the group, based on age, once the course is underway.

Homeschool Co-Op Classes at Mission Community Church

316 E. Central, Pacific, MO

Fridays, Starting September 9, 2011

Registration :  To register, please email Christy Lange at christylange{at} or call 636-271-7111.  Please send child’s name, age, parent’s names, phone, email, and classes you wish to sign up for.  Bring payment to first class.  Note, most classes are limited in size.  You will be notified if your child is in class or put on a waiting list. Feel free to contact individual teachers with questions or for more information.

12:30 p.m.-2:00 p.m.- Starts September 9

Advanced Art

Kindergarten Explorers

2:00 p.m.-3:30 p.m. – Starts September 9

Elementary Art I

Sign Language

Apologia General Science Lab

3:45-4:45 p.m.- Starts September 9

Flag Football (boys and girls teams/Held at a park near the church)

Class Descriptions

Elementary Art I

Elementary students are invited to join this ongoing general art class. We will meet for 10 weeks in the fall and 10 weeks in the winter/spring to enjoy creative projects that will lay the foundation of basic design concepts that will bring glory to God the Creator and benevolent giver of all things good and beautiful. We will explore the use of color, media, and technique. This class is open to all ages. The student must be mature enough to be self-governed. Parents are not required to stay each class, but we will have a sign up sheet for each parent to volunteer as class helper for at least one class period per semester.   $5.00 fee per semester.  Class size is limited. For more information contact Suzanne Young at suzanneherronyoung{at}

Each student must have the following supplies:

· 24 count crayons

· Plenty of White Sketch paper (8x 10) white plain printer paper is fine

· 2 heavy sketch pencils

· Color pencils basic colors

· Watercolor paints (dried disc type is perfect)

· Portfolio

· Eraser

· Art case or bag to keep it all in.

· $5 fee per 10 week session

We will have an art exhibit at the end of the year for those wishing to participate.

Advanced Art

This is a High School level class, however, Middle school students that have taken my first Art class and are mature enough to receive constructive criticism are invited to join the Advanced Art Class. This class will explore a variety of upper level mediums such as charcoal, canvas painting, watercolors, pen and ink, and pastels. We will be learning about a variety of artists, techniques, and genres. The class is $5 per semester and will run for 10 weeks in the fall and 10 weeks in the winter/spring. We will have an art exhibit at the end of the 20 weeks.Parents are not required to stay each class, but we will have a sign up sheet for each parent to volunteer as class helper for at least one class period per semester.  Class size is limited. For more information contact Suzanne Young at   suzanneherronyoung{at}

Supplies :

· 2- 16×24 stretched canvases

· 11×14 Sketch Book

· Watercolor cold press 8×10 White paper – (Comes on a tablet)

· Sketch pencils

· Art eraser

· Permanent fine line black ink pen

· Charcoal

· Oil pastels

· Set of Acrylic tube paints

· Set of watercolor paints

Brushes (my favorite is a gold or white synthetic) Sharing is not a good idea when it comes to brushes.

· #0 round

· #2 round

· # 2 flat

· #4 flat

· Fan Brush

· Water holder and cloth for cleaning

Kindergarten Explorers!

Join us for a fun year of exploring many of the wonderful things that God Created! This class will be a fun time of learning including Bible Stories, Scripture Memory Songs, Book Discoveries, and some active PE time. A “Letter of the Week” (sometimes 2!) will be reviewed with hands on activities and art projects. Science experiments will help us uncover more marvels from Creation through themes such as the sun, rocks, horses, elephants, butterflies, vegetables and turtles! My Father’s World from A to Z Kindergarten Curriculum will be the framework for many of the activities.

We will meet for 10 weeks in the fall and 10 weeks in the spring. Each week, one parent helper will be asked to stay and assist with activities, bathroom breaks, etc…

Class size is limited.

$5.00 supply fee per semester. Sometimes you will be asked to bring household items as well. Completed work can be kept in a 3-ring binder and a folder or plastic divider with pockets. For more information, contact Christy Lange at christylange{at}

Sign Language ASL I

This beginner course is ideal for grades 3rd and up, or ages 9 and up. (Parents are welcome and encouraged to participate.) It is a beginner class in teaching American Signed Language (ASL). Goals for this course are for the students to learn to fingerspell the alphabet, gain basic skills of ASL, gain confidence and vocabulary to communicate with the Deaf,  learn several praise and worship songs and scripture verses in ASL, and to gain an understanding of Deaf culture and the Deaf World.

10 week class in fall.  $5.00 class fee per semester/ $10.00 max for family. Class size is limited. For more information, contact Courtney Bolin at ecbolin{at}

Apologia General Science Lab

Lab group for middle school students using the Apologia General Science Textbook.  This class is parent led.   Parents with students  participating will rotate teaching the different modules and leading the lab experiments. Parents will also be asked to volunteer to assist on some days they are not leading. Students will complete the textbook reading, On Your Own Questions, Study Guide, and Tests at home.  Lab will include games, quizzing, discussion and lab experiments from the text that are practical to do in the group classroom setting. There is no fee for this class.

It is recommended that each participant order the “Daily Lesson Plans for Exploring Creation With General Science” booklet from My Fathers World. ($15.00 at This provides a daily schedule and checklist for students of reading assignments and  questions to answer.  The Lab group will follow this schedule.  It is also recommended that you order a science kit from Home School Science Tools with needed supplies for experiments. (Around $25.00)  Students should bring a lab notebook to class (3 ring with paper or spiral), pens/pencils, and any pre-assigned supplies for projects. 12 week class in fall. Class size is limited.  We will have a mini-science fair at the end of the spring semester. For more information, contact Christy Lange at christylange{at}

Flag Football (Separate Boys and Girls Teams)

Recreational fun, for boys and girls ages 9-15.  Learn the rules for flag football.  Focus on fitness, team work, sportsmanship, and fun!  Wear appropriate clothing and athletic shoes.  Bring a water bottle.  8 week class starting September 9.  $5.00 fee per player for this activity to help pay for flag football equipment. For more information contact Christy Lange at christylange{at}

To register, please email Christy Lange at christylange{at} or call 636-271-7111.

Registration for any of the above classes: Please send child’s name, age, parent’s names, phone, email, and classes you wish to sign up for.  Bring payment to first class.  Note, most classes are limited in size.  You will be notified if your child is in class or put on a waiting list. Feel free to contact individual teachers with questions or for more information.

Recreational Flag Football will be offered at Mission Community Church in Pacific.  Please see the following for schedule, class descriptions, and registration information.


Brunswick Zone XL St. Peters.
The info is as follows:
Homeschool Bowling league is JUST Mondays (the Wednesday leagues are being removed from the website)
Begins Sept 12th
Time: 2pm
2 Games of bowling and shoes included for $6 per week per child
Lasts 14 weeks and there will be some special instruction and coaching available.
If you want to sign up, either by yourself or as a team, please either visit the website or call Kelly at 636-379-8732
They try to group kids on teams according to age, so if you sign up alone, don’t worry.


During our family’s homeschooling years, I offered foreign language courses at a Learning Co-op (2 years worth of High School Spanish and 3-4 years of French).

I have a background in linguistics, with 25 years experience in interpreting and teaching foreign languages from Kindergarten through Jr. College level.  My students have ranged from age 4 through 85 years old.   I now offer private and group lessons in French, Spanish and German at competitive rates.  My methods combine the best of the Multiple Intelligences and Immersion practices in a relaxed atmosphere which encourages ease of communication.
Sessions take place at my home or in the home of the student or a group member.  (rates vary)  The approach is tailored to the goals of the students.  Time slots are available for the Fall semester on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10 and 1.
Call for information on tutoring or to design a group class for your specific needs.
LINGO, Language-to-Go
Or e-mail me:    suzannerenard{at}
Thank you!
Suzanne Renard


Looking for a fun way to fulfill your PE hours?  Plaza Lanes Bowling Center is your answer.  We are family owned and operated.  We offer 2 “bronze” level USBC certified coaches to teach you all the finer points of this great game.

For ages 12-18 years bowling is $5.00.  This includes 3 games of instructed bowling and shoes.  Ages 5-11 will bowl 2 games for $4.00.

Summer instruction is available on Fridays from noon until 4 p.m.

Fall, winter and spring instruction on Wednesdays from noon until 3 p.m. and Saturdays from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m.

When you decide you love the game, why not join one of our junior programs?  Once you join you will continue to receive coaching from one of our certified coaches.  You will also have the opportunity to bowl all scholarship tournaments.

Plaza Lanes Bowling Center, 506 Droste, St. Charles, MO 63301

Please call Michele Insinna to reserve your spot, 636-946-3230 or 636-724-1350.


The Belleville Philharmonic Youth Orchestra will be having auditions for the 49th BPYO Season Saturday August 20th and Monday August 22nd 2011.  Auditions will be from 4-6pm on the 20th and 5:30-7:30pm on the 22nd at Philharmonic Hall, 116 N. Jackson St., Belleville IL 62220 and are on a walk in basis.

All musicians should have 3 years experience on their instrument and should prepare a short musical solo to exhibit the musician’s talent.  Musicians will also be asked to perform scales up to 4 sharps and flats and up to two octaves.  Seating and placement into the orchestra will be upon approval of Dr. Leon Burke the BPYO director and musical artistic director.

Please contact Lisa at yolisa{at} or go to and click on “Youth Orchestra” for more information.

Free Guitar Class

Place:  Twin Rivers Worship Center 10575 Tesson Ferry Road  St. Louis, MO  63123
Class begins September 8, 2010  7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in rooms 204 and rooms 205

Classes offered:  Joyful Noise is a note class, students must be able to read music to enroll in this 12 week class(A class for those who do not read music will be offered in January 2012)  watch for information on this class.
Joyful Strings is a chords class This class is for individuals who would like to play the guitar using chords. (students are not required to read notes)

Joyful Noise Guitar Class:
Purchase book:  Alfreds Guitar Method 1 Book (with CD  is useful if you have a computer) for the  Bring a music stand and an electronic guitar tuner.

Joyful Strings Class: will purchase a new book this year.  Please contact Don for details  when you sign up for class.

Contact information to sign up for class
Don or Sharon Cummins call  314-353-1420 after 5:30 pm

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