Friday Home School Soccer

Sorry for the late notice of this event; I just found out about it.

Friday Home School Soccer!

Some families have responded to my plea for new volunteers for this season. We all thank you. With these new or returning volunteers, we will be able to start as planned on this Friday, September 16. Please notice the new time. Each group will begin one hour earlier, making the soccer hours from 9:00 to 12:00! I still have coaching positions open — the 10:00 Boys Age 10-12 group is critical if we have more children this season! We combined the 10-12 boys and girls groups last season because of lower numbers.

If you have offered help in past seasons, I’d appreciate your offering again because I’m having trouble remembering. If you’ve been thinking about helping sometime in the future or have been holding back because you believe we have enough helpers, please consider helping this season. I would be happy to provide community service hours documentation for our college bound teens. Our teens know and love the game and would be capable coaches, and I hope they will consider taking on a leadership role. I would also encourage and welcome back some of our older teens — the ones who have been busy with dual enrollment or college — to teach our youngest generation of homeschoolers.


(Open to all children of all homeschool families regardless of group affliation)

Every Friday, September 16 through October 28

Fenton Athletic Association’s Henderson Fields

Cost: $5.00 per player per season

A Signed Waiver/Release of Insurance Requirement form required


9:00 AM Boys and Girls Ages 13 and older

10:00 AM Boys ages 10 – 12; Girls Ages 10 – 12

11:00 AM Boys and Girls Ages 4 – 5; 6 – 7; 8 – 9

This information may be shared with your homeschool friends. New families may start any week, but the cost will remain the same. We encourage weekly attendance because it makes soccer more fun for all of us. Come and enjoy the cool fall weather, some good friends, and some soccer time. I like to say thank you to all our returning and new volunteers. This season would not be possible without your help!

9:00 AM Combined Boys and Girls Ages 13 and up

Abby Wood, returning

Should we have a sufficient increase in attendance, we will separate the boys and girls again.

An older teen will be put in charge of the second field.

10:00 AM Girls or Combined Boys and Girls Ages 10-12

Darlene Fallon, Returning

Sarah Fallon, Returning

Head Coach Sub Needed

10:00 AM Boys Ages 10-12

Head Coach Needed

Head Coach Sub Needed

Helper Needed

11:00 AM Ages 8-9

Abby Wood, Returning

Head Coach Sub Needed

Weekly/Rotational Helper Needed

11:00 AM Ages 7-8

Lisa Presti, Returning

Joel Sipe, Returning

Sub Needed

11:00 AM Ages 4-5 Sarah Wood, Returning

Michael Pfeegor, Rotational

Deborah Dodge, Tentative/New

Karen Brandt, New (or Abby’s Sub)

Nathan Amiri, New helper


Katherine Sipe, New helper

Ben Sipe, Returning helper

Anne Sipe, New helper

Carly Leigraf, Returning helper

I would also appreciate a few parents coming early to help with the first day registration. Please contact me at homeschoolsoccer[at]sbcglobal[dot]net if you are able to fill any of these positions.

Parents of our 4s and 5s are asked to stay near their playing field during their soccer hour. The 4s and 5s are prone to wander away looking for their parents because they need a drink or a bathroom break or some comfort. Your being there and closely watching the children and maybe being an extra set of eyes or hands when needed really makes a big difference in how smoothly the hour runs. I would appreciate it very much.

Fenton Athletic Association has, again, graciously allowed us to play with a waiver. A parent from each family must sign the waiver before your child plays soccer. Please print out the attached form, complete and bring it with you on your first day. It will be busy so come early to sign up.

The address for Fenton Athletic Association’s Henderson Fields is: 945 Larkin Williams Road, Fenton, MO, 63026-3136. Henderson Field is just south of Fenton City Park’s east side entrance (Sweaney Drive) and the Union Hall. Turn into Henderson Field. We are playing on the first two fields to your left.

Rain-out announcements will be made through the Friday Homeschool Soccer address, my personal address, and on the WCCHE thread. Please check your e-mail after 7:30 AM on Fridays.

Parents, if you are unable to attend soccer with your children, please ask another family to adopt them for the day. Players 16 years or older may bring younger siblings as long they or another parent are able to watch them.

Should you wish to bring a ball, please make sure the ball is clearly marked with your name.

If you are new to Friday Homeschool Soccer, I recommend that you bring plenty of water, a snack, a blanket and toys for babies/toddlers, and a lawn chair for Mom. Enclosed shoes are necessary ( no sandals or flips). Rubber soccer cleats aren’t essential to begin. They help prevent sliding on wet or dew-covered grass. Shin guards are probably a good long-term idea because little guys do a lot of misplaced kicking.

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom,

Sarah Wood    homeschoolsoccer[at]sbcglobal[dot]net

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