English Country Dancing


English Country Dancing

for  Homeschoolers!

(No prior experience required!)

 John & B. Ramsay will again lead us, and we’ll continue to use the gym of

Trinity Lutheran School in Orchard Farm!

 This year, we’re trying something new!  We’re planning one “Snow Day” into our schedule!
If we don’t need to use it, it will be a free day of dance review for everyone!


 Friday, January 13, 7-9 PM

Friday, January 20, 7-9 PM

Friday, January 27, 7-9 PM

Friday, February 3, 7-9 PM

 Friday, February 10, 7-9 PM

—(skip Feb 17)—

Friday, February 24, 7-9 PM (Snow Day make-up if needed;

Review before Ball if not)

Friday, March 2, 7-10 PM – Ball

Total Cost:  Early Registration & payment (must be received before Jan 13) $60/family for all six/seven classes

or $4/person (aged 5 and over) per class

At-the-Door Registration & payment (Jan 13 or later) $72/family for all six/seven classes

or $5/person (aged 5 and over) per class

(This $4 or $5/person cost applies to guests you bring that are not part of your family; they must have a separate registration.  Only your children’s grandparents and people living under your roof are included as part of your family.)

 There is no charge for younger children; they are most welcome, but you must be responsible for them!

The facility will be the gym of:

Trinity Lutheran School

4689 North Highway 94

Saint Charles, MO  63301

 Directions:  From I-70 or I-270 take 370 to Hwy 94.  Go north (east) on Hwy 94 about 4 miles (about 5 minutes) to Trinity Lutheran School.  It will be on the left, shortly after a curve to the left and then back to the right again.  Look for a well-lit, red brick school building with flagpoles out front.

Rules for the building include basic courtesy and common sense.  We will have the gym, rest rooms, and entry foyer, (plus the kitchen on the last evening for our Ball).  Non-marking/court shoes are required.  (If we need to pay extra for cleaning or damages, the price goes up, of course.)  All children must be attended by a responsible person at all times.  If they don’t wish to participate, they will be able to play quietly on the floor in the entry or along the edges of the gym while we dance, but they must stay off the dance floor and they must have someone with them to keep them out of harm’s way or from getting into mischief.  We’d like to be welcomed back next year, too!

Registration opens October 1, 2011.

To confirm your reservation, please sign the liability waiver on the back, and return with a check for $60 (or as calculated at $4/person aged 5 and over/class) made payable to Steve or Carol Stearns:

Steve & Carol Stearns

509 Rolling Hills Drive

Saint Charles, MO  63304-7109


636-928-4413 (home)

314-402-6529 (cell)

 Trinity Lutheran School

Multi Purpose Building Usage Policy

  1. Smoking or other forms of tobacco use are NOT permitted inside any of the buildings in the school complex.
  2. Only clean gym/court shoes (no street shoes) are permitted on the gym floor during recreational activities.
  3. Only authorized personnel are allowed in the equipment room.
  4. When the kitchen is used (just for the night of the Ball), it will be left in a clean and sanitary condition suitable for the next use.  All tables and counter tops shall be wiped down with a damp rag and mild detergent.  All utensils, dishes, and other items shall be washed clean in soapy water and stored in their proper locations.
  5. Speech and conduct must be appropriate for each activity and reflect Christian standards.
  6. Animals are prohibited from the building unless specifically trained for assisting a disabled individual.
  7. Individuals using the building and equipment are responsible for losses or damages.  It is the responsibility of each family to insure that all facilities are returned to the condition they were in prior to the activity.
  8. At least one adult must be present at all times for every five minors.  Children will not be allowed to enter the building until adult supervision arrives.
  9. Trinity Lutheran Church and School is not responsible for accident or injury.  All users are expected to use equipment properly and safely.  Examples of prohibited activities are hanging from basketball rims or nets, kicking or throwing balls, climbing on stacked mats, risers, chairs or tables, or using equipment in a manner inconsistent with its intended use or in a way that would be deemed unsafe.
  10. The group is responsible for leaving the used rooms neat.  Specifically, all trash will be collected and deposited in the proper waste receptacles throughout the building.  If a custodian must be hired to clean up after the group, an extra fee will be charged.  If the premises are damaged, an extra fee will be charged and the security deposit forfeited.
  11. Horseplay or loitering is not allowed.  Adults are responsible for the conduct of the minors under their supervision.  No one is permitted in any room other than the one they are scheduled for.
  12. The Multi Purpose Building may remain closed during inclement or severe weather.  Closing the facility due to weather will be announced by way of e-mail and/or phone call to all families registered.  Every effort will be made to reschedule the activity at a later date.

(to confirm reservation, fill out form, clip and send with payment

to Stearns’ address above)

Registration opens October 1, 2011.

I acknowledge my responsibility and that of my family in using the facilities of Trinity Lutheran Church.  I agree to abide by the regulations as specified above.  I agree to exercise the utmost care in the use thereof; to leave the building and equipment in clean and orderly condition; and to provide adequate care and supervision of children who attend.  I agree that no controlled substances and tobacco products will be used in the facility.  I further agree that Trinity Lutheran Church is not responsible for any accidents or injuries that may occur.

Signature: _________________________________________________________

Date: _______________________

(Printed Name)  ____________________________________________________

# in Family age 5 and over:  ______

Phone:  __________________________________

E-mail: ___________________________________________________________

# Sessions ______

Total paid: $_________

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