Homeschool Events List for 2/16/12

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Snow Ball
Young adults (late teens and older) are invited to a Young Adult English Country Dance Snow Ball on Saturday, February 18, 6:30-10:00pm at STUDIO FORTE in Maplewood at 2907 Sutton, St. Louis, MO 63143.
No experience necessary.  All the dances will be taught and called.  Invite friends from your church young adult groups, college and career groups, work, other homeschool graduates, etc.
$15 at the door.  Dressy casual.

The Tesson Ferry YMCA is offering swim lessons on Wednesdays starting next week for seven weeks.  Fee is $76 for one child (nonmember) and $71 for sibling. Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.  They do not have any registrations yet and said that they are offering this as families requested it but that if there is no participation, they may not offer these again.  Classes are 45 minutes long. 314.843.6703

Dear Homeschoolers,
We are looking for host homes for the Verity staff and students ( who will be conducting the Children’s Program for the Expo.  Here are the details:
An extra bedroom or two would be great but just some floor space will work too!  We will provide bedding if needed.  You do not have to provide meals  — they will be eating at the Expo.  The staff will be arriving late Thursday and leave early Friday morning, back Friday night and leave again Saturday morning.  Transportation will also be provided.  All we need is a place for them to sleep and get ready in the morning. You would be housing either girls or guys, not both.
We need housing for approximately 24 people.  If you have a friend or relative or perhaps a church that would be willing to help, we would appreciate if you could pass the request on!
Please contact: Marianne Brookman at   or Kerrie Tate at  if you could be a host home!
The Expo Board

Wild Bird Rehabilitation Needs Volunteers
Hello, I am a homeschool mother and receive the newsletter every month. I am also a volunteer at the Wild Bird RehabilitationCenter in Overland, MO. I was asked by the director to put the word out about our birds and to make others aware of a need we have. Every spring we have a huge influx of rescued birds. Many are babies rescued after falling out of nests or rescued from cats or dogs. Some of the birds are injured after having been hit by cars or flying into windows. We get all manner of songbirds (which are the only ones we can care for) and are usually overwhelmed with starlings. The director would like help with caring for the baby starlings, as these are very hardy birds, and we have an overpopulation of them anyway. She will make up booklet that explains how to care for a baby bird and then give the bird to homeschool families to take them home and raise them. The family can provide all the care and then release the birds when they are ready. It would be a wonderful learning experience for children, and Wild Bird Rehab will help and direct the care as needed. The director says that March is the month when our “season” of caring for the babies begins, and we are making you aware of this wonderful learning opportunity early so we can plan over the winter how to implement this. If you have any questions, please contact Carolyn Bast at 314-839-1399 or

Chesterfield Arts has daytime homeschool Art classes available.

Please join us Wednesdays from 9-10AM at the Pillar Foundation on Clayton Road in the Lincoln Room (to the left when you enter the front door).
Bring your Bible and a pen and join us as we pray for our students, ourselves as teachers, and our home schooling experiences.
If you missed the Informational last week, please take a moment to review the “Moms In Prayer” Statement of Faith.
There is also a 10 minute video clip that beautifully illustrates the prayer format we’ll be using.
There will be older students available to sit with younger children in the Pillar Library during the hour (and we will stick to one hour).
Lastly, this is not WCCHE exclusive, so invite your other homeschooling moms who might not otherwise know about this new group.  And we’ll see you Wednesday!

Shake Hands with Shakespeare
Session Two: February 24 – March 30
Fridays 9:30-11:00am
78 Meadowbrook CC Estates, Ballwin
A six week interactive study of Shakespeare’s tragedy “King Lear”. Students read the play outloud each week and study the language, plot, characters and themes including elements of the Globe Theatre and Elizabethan culture.
Students conquer Shakespeare using the No Fear Shakespeare Series which includes the original language in all it’s beauty and a complete modern translation to help with interpretation.
Session one has just successfully completed the comedy “Twelfth Night” and most students are returning but there is space available in the upcoming session for 2 more students.
Also Registering for:
Session Three – “JULIUS CAESAR”
April 6 – May 11
>>Please note that there is limited seating in all sessions in order to allow each student the maximum amount of interaction and participation in reading the play.
To register and for tuition information: email

Homelink math teacher, Mike Farley, is offering an ACT prep course this spring.  (This is not a Homelink class.)
Course format:  The course provides instruction for each of the four sections of the ACT exam: English, reading, mathematics, and science.  Students will work through the drills and practice exercises in the Barron’s ACT textbook to learn in the basic principles covered by the ACT exam in each area.  In addition to reviewing that basic knowledge, students will be taught the most common types and patterns of questions on the exam and helpful strategies for increasing speed and accuracy.  Each section’s basic principles will be applied by working through at least a portion of a practice ACT exam.
Textbook:  Barron’s ACT, 16th edition.  The course will use the version of the 16th edition without the CD-ROM.  Students should purchase the textbook on their own and bring it to class each week.
Course schedule, pricing, location:  The course will run for 7 weeks, meeting once per week for 1 hour 30 minutes, for a total of 10.5 hours of instruction.  Classes will meet from 12:30-2:00 pm on Wednesdays beginning February 29 through April 11.  (The April ACT test is April 14.)  Cost for the course is $200 per student, with a minimum of five students needed for the class.  Payment is due in full at the first class.  Class will meet at Crossroads Presbyterian Fellowship, 2640 Oakview Terrace, Maplewood 63143.
If you are interested in this ACT course, please contact Mike Farley at

Below is the info on the upcoming S.H.A.R.E. Spring Dance for the youth.  Present 8th graders are invited to this one too!!!  The registration form can be found at the SHARE public home page or the SHARE calendar (  This event is open to all homeschoolers in the area, so feel free to “share” the info!
P.S. Parents, Pat will definitely need some volunteers for this dance as we will have to carry many things from one building to another…thanks!
We will be welcoming the upcoming freshman of 2012.
WHO IS INVITED:  Homeschooled highschool students (9th -12th grades) and their guests (who are also 9th-12th grade). But…. BIG NEWS!!!!  All students who will be freshman (9th grade) in the fall of 2012 are also invited!!!!  As we say “Good-bye” to the seniors, we want to say “Hello” to the upcoming freshmen!
You do not need to bring a date. Please come and enjoy the company of other homeschoolers.
WHEN:    Friday, March 9th 2012
TIME:     7:00p.m. – 11:00p.m.
WHERE:  St. Andrew’s Gym, 309 Hoffmeister, Lemay, MO  63123
WHAT TO WEAR: This dance is semi-formal. Girls: dresses, skirts, or dressy pants (nothing too short or low cut). Guys: slacks and dress shirts (ties not required).  NO blue jeans.
PRICE:  $15 per person. This includes appetizers, drinks, and music by DJ,Mark Chrun.
Advance registration is required. Deadline to register is March 7th. Please fill out the registration form and mail it with your check (payable to SHARE) to the address at the bottom of the form.
You may also drop off your registration at Homelink on Tuesday or Thursday.
Setup for the dance will be Friday, March 9th at 11:00am.  I will need some young men to setup the tables and chairs.  Please email or call if you can help with set-up.
Attention Parents!!!  We need help with this dance!  If you would like to chaperone, help serve food and drinks or can stay for clean-up, please let me know.  Also, I need 3 or 4 moms to help in the kitchen from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.
Parents, this dance will be well chaperoned and the DJ will select appropriate popular music. If anyone leaves the dance before it is over, they will not be permitted to re-enter.
Questions?  Please call Pat Zink, Cell#  314-540-2957  or email
Please review the General Dance Guidelines:
>If anyone leaves the dance before it is over, they will not be permitted to re-enter.
>If you have forgotten something from your car, no problem.  We have two Dads at the door and one of them will be happy to escort you to your car.
>Any questions or problems that may occur should be brought to the attention of one of the chaperones immediately.
>No suggestive dancing allowed and we ask that there be “proper space” between 2 people at all times while slow dancing.
Dress Code:
Many teens are asking, what to wear.  Is my dress too short?  Do I need a tie?  So here are the guidelines. Unlike the prom, this dance is semi-formal.
Girls – dresses, skirts, or dressy pants
Select an outfit that is not suggestive.  Please make sure that it is not too short or low cut in either the back or front. Dresses should be no shorter than 3 inches above the knee (A pair of gym shorts will be available for any young lady who arrives in a dress that is too short so please don’t wear a dress that is 4 and 5 inches above your knee.  Seeing your thighs is not acceptable.)
Guys – dress slacks and dress shirts (Ties and jackets are not required; however, many young men wear them.)
Youth Code of Conduct:
All youth will be held responsible for their actions and shall conduct themselves appropriately, showing regards for the established authority and rights and welfare of others.
1. We ask that all youth seek excellence, be honest, use clean speech and be courteous and kind to both adults and other youth.
2. Guest are always welcome, but they must also follow our rules and you are responsible for them and their behavior.
3.  Any individual found with possession of any type of firearm, knife, tobacco, alcohol or drugs will be asked to leave the premises immediately and be considered for dismissal from all future events.  Parents will also be contacted.  (Note:  We have NEVER had any kind of incident along these lines.)
4.  Appropriate language must be used at all times.  No foul words will be tolerated!
5.  We want our youth to socialize and develop healthy godly relationships with each other. So with that said, no public display of affection is allowed (holding hands, kissing, “making out”… you get the point).
Thank you for understanding and complying with these guidelines!
Pat Zink

Kids and Kickball is still growing and trying to get better. Come grow with us. New locations and back for the spring, summer and fall. We’re providing new Jerseys with matching team colored socks. If interested feel free to visit  We’re hoping to improve on all imperfections from the previous year and make 2012 wonderful for all. If we don’t see you this Spring hopefully we see you in the summer, otherwise enjoy you 2012 and please get your kids involved in something productive this year.

I would like to invite you to a school showing of UMSL Opera Theatre’s production of Donizetti’s Elixir of Love. Elixir of Love is a wonderfully accessible operatic work, of great musical and comedic wealth. Our staged production will be presented in English. I have attached a synopsis of the opera below.
I am currently reserving slots for our morning run, held Thursday February 23, 2012 10am -12:30pm at the Touhill Performing Arts Center, in the Lee Theater.  To reserve a slot kindly send an email to with the number of people attending. This show is appropriate for ages 10 and above. I would be delighted if you could join us and look forward to hearing from you!
Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.
Dr. Stella Markou, Director of Vocal Studies
University of Missouri-St. Louis, 317 Music Building, One University Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63121
Office:  314.516.5947
Adina, A capricious, land owning peasant
Nemorino, A simple peasant in love with Adina
Belcore, A sergeant
Doctor Dulcamara, A traveling salesman and physician of all arts
Giannetta, A peasant girl
Peasants, soldiers, and a notary
Synopsis ACT I
In a small Italian village, Adina, Gianetta and friends take an opportunity to rest from their daily labors. Nemorino, madly in love with Adina laments his impoverished state. Adina’s friends implore her to read them a story, which turns out to be the love story of Sir Tristan and Isolda. Through the means of a magic potion, Tristan is able to win his beloved’s heart. As Adina finishes the story, the handsome Sergeant Belcore swaggers into the village and asks for her hand in marriage. Adina says she will think about his offer. When left alone with Adina, Nemorino declares his love for her. Adina tells him he would be better off spending his time tending to his ailing uncle than pining over her, for she is fickle as a breeze.
The traveling salesman Dr. Dulcamara enters the village proclaiming the extraordinary virtues of his medicinal patents. In the name of “benefiting humanity” Dulcamara offers the villagers unbeatably inexpensive prices for his elixirs.  Nemorino asks Dulcamara if he sells the elixir of love described in Adina’s book. Swindling Nemorino from his last cent, Dulcamara declares he does, but instead gives him a bottle of Bordeaux. Nemorino hastens to drink the elixir. Adina enters to find him acting very strangely. Nemorino, now convinced of winning Adina’s love, pretends to be indifferent towards her.  Adina punishes Nemorino by flirting with Belcore, who, informed that he must return to his garrison, persuades Adina to marry him at once. Nemorino is horrified by this news, and implores Adina to wait one more day.  Adina ignores Nemorino’s supplications and invites the entire village to her wedding banquet. Nemorino watches in grief, calling out in vain for Dulcamara’s help.
Act II.
At the wedding banquet, Dulcamara feasts and sits with the bridal couple. The doctor suggests that he and Adina entertain the guests by singing a barcarole about a gondoliera and her wealthy suitor. When the duet ends, Adina goes off with Belcore to sign the marriage contract. Dulcamara remains at the banquet and is found by Nemorino who begs him for another bottle of his elixir. Since Nemorino has no money, his pleas are rejected. Belcore returns, annoyed that Adina has postponed their wedding until nightfall.  He sees Nemorino and asks him why he is looking so despondent. Nemorino explains that he is penniless. Belcore persuades Nemorino to join the army in order to receive a bonus. Nemorino agrees to his offers, as a means of buying more elixir. Belcore believes he has successfully gotten rid of his rival.
Gianetta informs her friends that Nemorino’s uncle has died and willed him a very large fortune. Nemorino, tipsy from the purchases of more elixir, is besieged by the attention of the village girls. Unaware of his newfound wealth, Nemorino believes that Dulcamara’s elixir has finally taken effect. Adina and Dulcamara arrive in time to see girls fighting over Nemorino’s affections. Adina is furious that Nemorino has sold his freedom to Belcore, and is doubly furious to see his increased popularity. Hoping to take advantage of the situation, Dulcamara claims that Nemorino’s new status is due to his magic potions. Adina replies to Dulcamara that she will win Nemorino back, through her own charms. Nemorino reenters and is taken aback when he sees a tear on Adina’s cheek. Adina declares that she loves Nemorino and that she has bought back his enlistment papers.
Belcore enters to find Adina and Nemorino are happily together. Declaring that there are more fish in the sea, Belcore begrudgingly accepts that his rival has won. Dulcamara attributes Nemorino’s happiness and inheritance to the power of his elixirs. The villagers thank Dulcamara and bid him goodbye.

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