St. Louis Expo Winners and Survey

GOOD NEWS from The Expo Board….

Congratulations to our “Extra-Early” Pre-Registration Winners of Expo Cash! They are:

Kim Burge of Foristell – $100
Kim Mills of Festus – $100
Mary Murphy of Wentzville – $100
Mary Mays of St. Louis – $50
Andrew & Kathryn Steele of Chesterfield – $50
Ann Albrecht of North County – $50

Congratulations to the winners of the Children’s Program early registration drawing!
They have also won a $50 Expo Cash certificate.

Chris and Jennifer Ryan of Fenton, MO
Allen and Kristy Moore of Florissant, MO
Brent and Michele Baty of Scott AFB, IL
Jeff and Anita Toth of Waterloo, IL

All winners may pick up their Expo Cash at the Registration Table at any time during the Expo.

More Good News! You, too, can have the opportunity to win some Expo Cash! We will be having another drawing on February 29th, 2012. Everyone who has registered for the Expo by then will be eligible and their names will be entered in a drawing for six $50.00 “Expo Cash” certificates; redeemable, of course, at the exhibitor of your choice at this 2012 Expo.

Expo Seminar Survey now online!

WHY A SURVEY?  The Expo board has posted a survey to help in assigning rooms to the seminars being presented each hour.  And we need your help!  Please take about 5 minutes of your time and go to the Expo website and let us know which talk you are interested in hearing in each time slot.

HOW LONG DOES THE SURVEY RUN?  The survey will be conducted through midnight on March 4th.

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE?  Anybody can participate – we need lots and lots of participants!

CAN I DO THE SURVEY WHEN I REGISTER FOR THE EXPO?   Yes!  That would be a great time to do it.  That way you won’t forget.  And don’t forget about the next early bird registration deadline – February 29th.


WHAT IF I HAVEN’T REGISTERED FOR THE EXPO – CAN I STILL DO THE SURVEY?  Yes.  Registering for the Expo is not a prerequisite for participation in the survey.  Even if you are not yet sure if you can come to the Expo, you can still provide your input.

WHAT DOES THE SURVEY INVOLVE?  We just want you to give us an idea of which talk you would be interested in attending within each time slot of talks.

DO MY CHOICES ON THE SURVEY LOCK ME INTO ATTENDING THAT SEMINAR?  No.  Picking a particular seminar does not lock you into attending that seminar at the Expo.  You can change your mind at any time.  But your answers do give us a feel of how many Expo attendees are interested in each seminar.  The more people that participate in the survey, the better picture we will have in terms of assigning talks to rooms.

WHERE IS THE SURVEY?  The survey can be found on the left navigation bar on the Expo website ( , or you can just click here and go right to it.

DON’T FORGET!  THE NEXT EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS COMING:  The next early bird registration deadline is also February 29th.  If you register before midnight, February 29th, your name will be entered in a drawing to win one of six $50.00 “Expo Cash” certificates, redeemable, of course, at the exhibitor of your choice at the 2012 Expo.

See you at the Expo!

The Expo Board

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