Thank You from the Expo Board

Dear Homeschoolers,

The Expo board would like to thank you for coming to the 2012 Greater St. Louis Area Home Educators Expo.  We hope you enjoyed yourself and were encouraged both emotionally and spiritually.   Plans are already underway for next year’s Expo on April 11-13, 2013.  Here’s a few things that we would like you to know:

1.  We want to apologize for no lights on the parking lot Thursday evening.  We realize how scary it was to try and find your car in the dark, especially for those moms who had small children with them.  There was some kind of power outage that day and we had no way of knowing that it would affect the parking lot that night.  We are so sorry!

2.  Many of you left without filling out an evaluation form, so we have posted one on the website.  We would love feedback from you – both positive and negative – so that we can make next year’s Expo even better!  We would also like to hear your suggestions for speakers and exhibitors! So, if you would like to help us by filling out an evaluation form, click here  ( and you will be taken to the form on the website.

By the way, the following are winners of the Evaluation Form Drawing…your gift will soon be in the mail:

Ann Albrecht
Angelica Dames
Deborah Doyle
Deanna Fisher
Scott Gunter
Jen Kocher
Molly Nesham
Grace Ross
Kathy Side
Jan Wickersheim

3.  Many speakers posted their handouts on the website prior to the Expo and, after the Expo, we have had even more speakers send us handouts to post.   Click here to go to the Expo website for a list of speakers who sent us handouts for the website.  This list has links in it that directly take you to each speaker’s handouts.  If you can’t find it, it is listed under “Speakers”.   Or go here:

 4. If you forgot to get a CD or decided to get some other ones, you can still do it by going to the Rhino website and ordering straight from there.  They haven’t yet posted the Expo CD’s.  Sometimes it takes a week or two.  Click here for a link on the Expo website that tells you about Rhino Technologies and has a link to their website.  Or, go to

5.  Many  items were “found” at the Expo.  If one of them belongs to you, please email Cathy Mullins at and she will contact you to see how it can be returned.  Thanks!



Ladies Light Blue velor sweat jacket size Large 1/14

Navy Blue sweat jacket, no tags

Ladies Black jacket with aqua lining, Old Navy, size M

Ladies Thin royal blue jacket “Danskin Now”, size XL

Boys Red hoodie with nametag “Malachi Steel”

Girls Hot Pink Hoodie, size small

Little Boys Disney Cars jacket, size 5

Ladies black sweater, Merona, size XL

2 pairs of black gloves

1 black headband

1 blue/gray cap “Mackinac Island Michigan”



A set of keys- Toyoto key (no fob), 2 silver keys

1 black computer bag with a black notebook, water bottle and Film Camp notes

1 key with black top

1 small flowered clutch bag, left in 2nd floor bathroom

DK Ultimate Sticker Book on Horses

1 Green Binky (pacificer)

2 small Hot Wheel cars

1 Teen Study Bible (NIV)

1 Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker

1 guys silver ring

1 girls diamond ring (zirconia?)

1 necklace with silver cross and silver heart that reads:  “Always 6/10/09”

1 brown hair clip

Various amounts of money.

Again, thanks for coming to the Expo!  Pray for us as we take in your suggestions and begin planning next year’s Expo!

The Expo Board
Marianne  and Patrick Brookman
Cathy  Mullins
Margaret and Michael Porch
Kerrie  and Pat Tate

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