See the bottom of the email for some important info about NEW or open classes at HomelinkPersonal Finance, Driver’s Permit, Home Economics Part II, Art Fundamentals, Advanced Art, NRA Basic Shotgun Shooting, Herbal Studies, etc. Some are starting this week! Contact the teachers directly if you are interested! (See contact info listed under class). Remember – you can jump into any Homelink class if there is room and the teacher gives permission.

Other details about classes that will be continuing from last semester are available on the SHARE website. Look for “Homelink Classes” on the sidebar.

Call, text or email if you have any questions or concerns! Kerrie & Cathy

Kerrie Tate (kertatehomelink@aol.com or 314-791-0000)

Cathy Mullins (ekcjmullins@gmail.com or 314-769-7965)


Note: Michelle Engle would like to offer Herbal Studies classes again beginning in February. We are trying to find the Thursday class time that would work for the most students and parents. Please contact Kerrie at kertatehomelink@aol.com with your preference!

Personal Financetaught by Rene Hayes, C.P.A. starting Jan. 8 if possible

This class is based on a real world model. Through assessment testing students will evaluate their interests, skills and values to choose a mock career and formulate a plan for attaining that career. From this point students will build a future personal financial scenario. They will formulate a budget based on anticipated mock earnings, housing, taxes and all related expenses. We will cover assets, debt and financial planning. Students will complete a simple individual tax return and Form W-4. They will complete a job application and have a mock interview. All assignments are hands on and research based.

THIS CLASS HAS HOMEWORK. At home research and internet OR library access is essential. Minimum class size is 5 students.

Grade: high school

Class length: 75 minutes plus individual mock interview time.

Cost: $160 per semester

Time: Tuesdays, 11:00 – 12:15 starting January 8th

Rene’s contact info: lightandjoy999@gmail.com

Note: if there is another time that works best for you Rene is flexible!

Materials fee $15. Students will need a PENCIL (not a pen), eraser, three ring binder, notebook paper and 5 dividers.

Driver’s Permit Class taught by Rene Hayes starting Jan. 8 if possible

The permit class covers all aspects of the material tested by the written portion of the driving test. We will cover vocabulary, road markings and signs and traffic laws and regulations. Throughout the semester students will take practice exams. The final class is an optional field trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles to take the driver’s permit test. There will be weekly quizzes and take home vocabulary.

No behind the wheel driving will be done in class. Minimum class size is 5 students.

Class length: 75 minutes

Cost: $125 per semester

Time: Tuesdays, 1:00 – 2:15 pm starting January 8th

Rene’s contact info: lightandjoy999@gmail.com

Note: if there is another time that works best for you Rene is flexible!

Materials Fee $15. Students will need a folder or notebook for papers, a pencil and the fee for the driver’s permit exam.


Home Economics, Part II taught by Lisa Bader starting Jan. 8

This is a beginning Home Economics course that is project-based and will focus primarily on food preparation during the 2nd semester (sewing was the 1st semester). Other skills/techniques/projects to be incorporated include basic gardening, simple flower arranging, home décor by personal style, candle making, recycling, card making, etc. The class will be using The Hidden Art of Homemaking, by Edith Schaeffer.

Recommended Grade: Grade 7 and up

Length of Class: 90 minutes

Cost: $100 per semester… This price includes the $25.00 materials fee.

Time: 1:00 – 2:30 pm on Tuesdays, starting January 8th

Lisa’s contact info: text or call her at 636-375-6793

Art 1: Art Fundamentals – taught by Jeff Bader starting Jan. 10

Students will work on artistic and design projects that emphasize creativity and individual expression in both realistic as well as abstract approaches. They will be exposed to fundamentals of composition, drawing, and perspective. A variety of media will be utilized such as paint, clay, fabric, plaster, etc.

Recommended Grade: 7th and up

Length of Class: 75 minutes

Cost: $125.00 plus a material fee TBD

Time: Thursdays, 9:30 – 10:45 am or 11:00 am – 12:15 pm or 1:00 – 2:15 pm

Jeff’s contact info: call or text 636-524-3614

Art 2: Advanced Projects in Art – taught by Jeff Bader starting Jan. 10

This course is for the serious Art student who desires to hone their skills in unique and planned projects. Students will consult with the teacher and develop individual goals and plans for the semester. Drawing skills including perspective, proportion and shading will be included in the course as well as more advanced topics related to design and creativity.

Recommended Grade: 8-12

Length of Class: 75 minutes (but Jeff would like to make it a longer class)

Cost: $125.00 plus a material fee TBD per student plan

Time – Thursdays, 2:30 – 3:45 (but may increase based on student feedback)

NRA Basic Shotgun Shooting Class taught by Monty Schrunk starting Feb. 19

Course Description:

The goal of this course is to learn the basic knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for the safe and proper use of a shotgun in shooting a moving target. Topics covered are:

– Identification of shotgun parts, action types, and demonstration of how each functions.

– NRA rules for safe gun handling; explain and demonstrate how to handle a shotgun safely

– Ammunition: components of a shotgun shell, types of shotgun ammunition and their intended use, matching ammunition to the correct shotgun and dealing with ammunition malfunctions.

– Explain and demonstrate the fundamentals of shooting a shotgun

– Safely shoot a shotgun on a range, shooting at a moving target using the five fundamentals of shotgun shooting.

– Identify and safely use the materials needed to clean a shotgun

– Explain ways to pursue shotgun-shooting activities after the course

– Explain the criteria for selecting a shotgun

– Identify various shooting organizations and explain how to become involved with them

Students who successfully complete the course, demonstrate the skills learned and pass the final exam will receive a NRA certificate of completion.

Grade/Age Level:

7th grade and up; minimum age 12


Class will use materials from the National Rifle Association. Packets will be distributed on the first day of class.

Parent Info:

One parent may attend with each minor student, as an unregistered observer, at no additional charge. However, only registered students will receive course materials, participate in shooting exercises and be eligible to receive a course completion certificate. Parents are welcome to register as a student and participate in all class activities with their child, but in case of over-enrollment priority will be given to youth students.


$125 per student. This covers all course materials, range time and ammunition.

Family Discount: When multiple members of a single family register for the course, members will receive a progressive $5 discount. In other words the first member pays full price, the 2nd receives a $5 discount, 3rd receives a $10 discount, etc.

Class Size:

Minimum: 4 students; Maximum: 6 students

Additional Information:

– No live ammunition is permitted in the classroom at any time. Firearms and ammunition will be provided for the course; students should not bring their own unless previously arranged with and approved by the instructor.

– Range exercises will be conducted at St. Louis Skeet & Trap Club, possibly on two Mondays. Tentative dates (pending final scheduling) are March 25 and April 15

– Class will begin later than other Spring Homelink classes. The first class will be on Tuesday, February 19. This is so that the (outdoor) range sessions will occur later in the term.

– If interested contact Monty Schrunk at msguntraining@att.net


Here’s more information about second semester classes at Homelink.  This one pertains to Fun School, our unique program for kids with special needs.    We have not only revised the time schedule for second semester but have added and deleted some classes.  If you know someone who is homeschooling a child with special needs, please pass this on to them.  Jesse has been in almost every class and I have to say that they are all really well done!   As soon as our dvd is completed, I will be posting it online so that everyone can view the awesome Christmas production that the children were in this past semester.  Also, our bake sale last semester netted $150.00 that was given to the Humane Society on a recent field trip there.   Lots of learning, lots of social interaction and lots of fun—that’s Fun School!

Please note that because these classes are designed for children with special needs, class placement is not so much determined by age or grade level but by ability.  Age is definitely a factor, but it is not used exclusively for determining which class a student is eligible to participate in.  Please contact Cathy Mullins if you have any questions.  Ekcjmullins@gmail.com or 314-769-7965.

We are not aware of any other program in our area like this that is designed for homeschoolers with special needs.  Please pass this on to any friends you know who may be educating their exceptional learner at home.   Thanks!     Cathy and Kerrie

Our new schedule is as follows…


Elementary Level


Reading Roundup

Deanna Fisher


Wacky Fun Science
Deanna Fisher


Mixed Media Art

Deanna Fisher


Jr. High & HighSchool Level

Music & Movement

Kelli Ballard


Lunch & Recess
Maeven Blankenship

Maeven Blankenship


Team Sports
Maeven Blankenship


Below are the Class Descriptions for each of these:


Reading Round-up for Emerging and Struggling Readers   Thursdays, 9:00 – 9:45
This class is for students who are either just beginning to read or needing a little help. We will be meeting in the classical library where students will learn to choose books that are appropriate for their current reading level. Students will learn to identify mistakes in reading as well as the skills needed for fluency and decoding. These are the skills necessary to advance to higher levels of reading. We will be reading individually and in small groups. Please bring a current book selection to the first class so that I can assess your child’s current reading skills.
Cost: $140 per semester for the first child. Each additional sibling is $130 per semester.

Wacky Fun ScienceThursdays 9:45 – 10:30
This interactive class studies space, weather, animals, plants and the human body. Students will put on lab coats and become junior scientists while performing fun experiments with fizzing potions, rockets, magic ketchup, blobs in a bottle, and slime. Lab coats and safety goggles will be provided.
Cost: $140 per semester for the first child. Each additional sibling is $130 per semester. Materials fee is an additional $20 per child per semester.

Break 10:30 – 10:45

Mixed Media Art – Thursdays 10:45 – 11:45
This open-studio art class will feature weekly guided art projects. Focus will be on incorporating both fine and gross motor skills while working with multi sensory media such as paint, sand, clay, and chalk. We will also be making various types of clay and paint. Artist apron and beret will be provided.
Cost: $140 per semester for the first child. Each additional sibling is $130 per semester. Materials fee is an additional $35 per child per semester.

Deanna Fisher has a degree in Disability Studies and is currently finishing a degree in Special Education from Fontbonne University. She currently home schools her 6 year old son and is a full-time caregiver for her adult stepson with spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy. Deanna worked for Special School District for two years and has decided to spend her teaching career helping homeschooled students with special needs.



Music and Movement  – Thursday, 11:45-12:30
This class will have a very heavy music therapy influence. It will focus on increasing the students’ development of important life skills, such as communication, physical movement, attention and memory, emotional growth and social skills. Music and Movement will also engage the students through the use of singing, dancing, acting, and the use of musical instruments. The students, through these various activities, will also receive exposure to basic music concepts including, but not limited to, rhythm, melody, tone color, tempo, and dynamics.
Price:  $145.00 per semester ($8.00 per class).  No materials fee.

Kelli Ballard is a board certified Music Therapist and a Positive Behavior Support Specialist.  She has a dynamic personality and her students love her outgoing ways.  This will be her first semester of teaching at Homelink, although she has been actively involved in Homelink classes this year through her client, John.


Lunch and Recess – moderated by Maeven Blankenship Thursday 12:30-1:30
Lunch will be supervised and recess will be short.  It is designed to give the students exercise and more time to socialize and make friends.
COST:  $2.00 per week

LiteratureThursday 1:30-2:30
Our Literature class brings a new great aspect to Fun School. All students will be reading works that are well known and some that are new adventures. The objective of the class will be to have students understand different types of literature as well as the meaning of each individual work that will be presented. Students will learn the difference between fiction and non-fiction. We will look at poetry, fables, short stories, and two chapter books in this class. There will be a short time of introductory work to be done at the beginning of class–sometimes it may be a crossword puzzle and other times it may be reading a poem that we will be talking about in class. Adaptations will be made as needed for each individual.
Some selections from the Fun School Literature class are as follows.

Poetry- While talking about poetry we will be looking at works by Shel Silverstein and Naomi Shihab Nye. These poems will be read and talked about in class.

Fables– Students will learn about the purpose of fables as well as take two weeks to look at different fables by different authors. These will be read in class as well.

Non- Fiction– Students will be examining interesting non-fiction works in class. There will also be a short lesson on taking notes.

Alice in Wonderland– We will be reading two chapters of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland–Chapter 7 (A Mad Tea Party) and Chapter 8 (The Queens Croquet-Ground). These books will be read at home and then will be discussed in class. Books will be provided.

The Velveteen Rabbit– This is the novel we will be reading in full. The book will be read at home (one chapter a week). We will be doing activities with the book in class. Books will be provided.

Price:  $145.00 for the entire semester ($8.00 per class).  No materials fee.

Team Sports and Activities – Thursday 2:30-3:30
This class is a special needs class focusing on using team sports to better motor skills and teamwork. The class has been split into three separate sports so that the students will be able to get a full understanding of the sport, as well as gain skills for each particular sport. The class will be starting this semester with a kickball league, and finish with baseball (field hockey was held first semester along with some kickball).  All modifications and adaptations necessary for each student will be provided so as each child will get the best experience possible out of the time spent in class.  Regular Homelink students volunteer in this class to assist those who are more physically challenged—a great way for friendships to develop among students who would not necessarily be in classes together!
Price:  $5 per Class session

Maeven Blankenship is a former Homelink student who is now a sophomore at Fontbonne University. Her goal is to be a special education teacher. Two years ago  she was an aid in Fun School classes, and last year she worked as a teacher in the Tuesday Fun School and did an excellent job.  She has also served as a “shadow” (one-on-one aid) for various special needs students. This year Maeve will be teaching a full block of classes, including Money Basics and Team Sports.  Maeven has worked with special needs individuals for most of her life, including her younger brother. She understands the importance of meeting both the academic, social, and physical needs of children who learn differently. 

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