Correction from 6/30/13

For any homeschooler interested in playing volleyball; not just girls. Sorry for the mistake!

Calling all volleyball players! We have a great Summer Camp planned this year full of great fun and awesome coaches. Please consider joining us whether you’re preparing for a team tryout or improving your skills for your church rec games or just want to have fun and meet new friends.
Camp will be held at Westminster Christian Academy. July 31-August 3rd, Wednesday–Friday, 6:30 pm–9:30 pm, and Saturday, 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm. Players will be divided into 3 courts according to age, ability and height. The cost is $68 per person with the following exceptions:
Only $48 for:
LIGHTS, Intensity, Panthers, and Patriot Soccer and Basketball players
A Second sibling
Only $38 for:
3rd or more siblings (up to 10)
A child of a pastor
Players 16 or older
People whose last name is Young
For those interested, CONTACT MISS PATTY FOR AN APPLICATION AT 10YAGERS (at) ATT (dot) NET. I am happy to answer questions.
Patty Yager, IMPACT, CAP I, and CAP II Certified
Athletic Director and Varsity Coach
St. Louis Christian Patriette Lights
Girls Varsity Volleyball Program

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