Timely Addition…

This past October, I announced the formation of a Boys High School Golf team.  Since then, I’ve considered the suggestions and requests and have made the following changes:
-Anyone interested can participate in the practice events (2 events per week).  Anyone included girls and boys as young as 11. This is based on communication from the organizer of the National Christian Homeschool Championship.
-There will be events that will not be available to everyone. High school boys golf is in the spring.  High school girls golf is in the fall.  I have 5 high school matches scheduled with other area schools for our high school age boys.
-COSTS – I would like our events to be pay-as-you-play.  The exceptions being the training sessions with PGA Professionals and the fees for competing in the National Christian Homeschool Championship.  I put together a tentative list of events.  Participation in every event totals $370.00.  This is spread across 21 events.  This is just over $17 per event.  I hope those involved in golf see this as a good value.
To help finalize a list of participants, I have created a Google form for registration.  Please take a few moments to register.  I would like to hold a virtual meeting Monday (3/2) or Tuesday (3/3) and schedule our first PGA training on Thursday (3/5).  Information about the meeting and a cost details will be delivered directly to those who register.
Registration Link: http://goo.gl/forms/K5EjQpLMEG
If you have any questions, please email me: dougkelsey [at] gmail [dot] com
Thank you,
Coach Doug

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