Homeschool Events List for May 26, 2015

Summer Reading Program
Acts: a City Rising
Eagle Learning Center
MHM Homeschool Day
Cedar Hill Homeschoolers Co-op
Chemistry Class
ACT Prep

Family Vision Summer Reading Program
Read for knowledge, fun, and prizes!
Join TFV as we celebrate our 10th anniversary with our 10th Birthday Bash Summer Reading Program!
It’s simple: read books from The Family Vision and get rewarded! Signup at the circulation desk starting May 26th. All ages are welcome to join in the fun!
Elementary-age children (ages 6-12) will earn “Book Bucks” for the minutes they spend reading, which they can then spend on fun prizes, like lollipops, plush animals, or mind teaser puzzles.
Teen and Adult Readers will earn drawing tickets for each book they read (100+ pages). We will have coffee mugs, tote bags, and gift cards for places like QuikTrip, Amazon, Chick-fil-A and Dominos!
Our Cupcake Club is our brand new toddler program, where children up to age 5 can get rewarded for being read to! Simply read 10 of our children’s books to your son or daughter, then turn in your reading log for a goody bag of fun prizes.
We hope you’ll join us in a summer of fun! See you May 26th!
The Family Vision, 2020 Parkway Dr., St. Peters, MO 63376

Acts: a City Rising
A Take 3 Theater, sponsored by The Pillar Foundation, musical production.
With a cast of 36 Jr. and High school Homeschool from WCCHE, SHARE and North County, you won’t want to miss it. It will make you laugh, cry, tap your foot, and cry some more. Completely appropriate for audiences of ALL ages!
The Book of Acts is an authentic, accurate account of history and this production, although using limited literary freedoms will help you and your kids understand Acts in a new light A City Rising will educate its audience in Biblical truths. The story of the early church is also an encouraging one. This edifying production will inspire you to live true to your belief, no matter the cost. The story of the early church is a tough emotional story; however, the authors of this script have made The Book of Acts come alive in a very entertaining way without sacrificing a serious Gospel message and minimizing the suffering the disciples endured.
That is the mission of Take 3 Theater: to educate, edify, and entertain!
Admission is FREE
First Baptist Church of CRESTWOOD; May 28 &29, 7:00 PM
First Baptist Church of FERGUSON; May 30, 2:00 PM
First Baptist Church of COLUMBIA, IL; May 31, 7:00 PM
HARVEST Bible Chapel; June 3, 7:00 PM

Eagle Learning Center
Classes meet at First Baptist Church of Ellisville on Clarkson Road. The learning center is administered by homeschool volunteers. Classes are held on Mondays, 8:30 to 4:15 pm, for two 12-week semesters
FALL: September 14 – November 30, 2015
SPRING: January 11 – April 11, 2016 (no classes February 15 & March 14)
All homeschool families seeking instruction in a Christ-centered environment may apply.
Registration is underway for current families. New families may request an application now and begin registration on May 30th.
Classes available for First Grade through High School Students may enroll in any number of classes, from one up to a full day. For breaks between classes, students can choose to sign up for study hall – a supervised, quiet environment, or go to the break room for shorter breaks and to eat lunch or a snack.
Elementary Grades: Art, Geography, Science, Spanish, Theater, & Writing
Middle & High School: Art, Choir, Classical Geography, Composition, Analytical Grammar, Humanities, Latin, Logic, Newspaper, Rhetoric, Public Speaking, Apologia Science — General Science, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry & Physics, Spanish, & Theater
Some middle & high school classes require students to begin coursework on their own before classes begin. Preliminary assignments will be sent by the teachers via email. Students in high school classes will also receive assignments to be done in December.
To receive detailed course descriptions and an application packet, please contact Laura Hecht at

Homeschool Day at the History Museum
Get ready for our upcoming Homeschool Day, Celebrating Missouri, on Monday, June 1 from 10:00am to 2:00pm! Come celebrate the last Homeschool Day of the school year, inspired by the great state of Missouri! The day is full of tours, activities and crafts for your families to enjoy.
Please note: The Celebrating Missouri Tour will be ticketed. All children 5 years of age or older and adults are required to have tickets to attend a tour. To ensure the safety of our artifacts and to provide an engaging experience, there will be a maximum of 60 people allowed on each tour. You may request tickets at the registration table. Tickets are free and are first come first serve.
Please RSVP to join us. We look forward to seeing you!
11:00–11:30am (K–2) MacDermott Grand Hall- City of Colors: Performer Kristin Tanner will take you on a journey through St. Louis while visiting our city’s famous locations such as the City Museum, the Arch and Zoo. Come sing along and learn about the different colors that St. Louis has to offer.
10:30–11:15am (5–12)
11:30am–12:15pm (K–4)
AT&T Room- Jazz in Missouri: Brian Parrish, Jazz teacher and performer, will engulf you in the world of jazz as he talks about influential and important jazz musicians from Missouri. Learn about scatting and listen to a jazz music.
10:15–11:00am & 11:30am–12:15pm (ALL)
Reflections Gallery- (Limited to 60 participants. This is a Ticketed Tour) Celebrating Missouri Tour: Celebrate the people and history of the “Show-Me” state. In a hands-on tour in the Reflections gallery, students will explore Missouri folklore, from songs to storytelling.
10:30–11:15am & 1:00–1:45pm (ALL)
New Classroom- Missouri Art Traditions: In the classroom, students will create their own folk art inspired by different elements of traditional Missouri art as well as examples of their own traditions!
10:00am–2:00pm (ALL)
A Walk in 1875 St. Louis Gallery- (Self-Facilitated) A Walk in 1875 St. Louis: Explore one of the most amazing maps ever created. Compton & Dry’s Pictorial St. Louis, which was created between 1874 and 1876, features every single home, building, street, and even trees in St. Louis. Enjoy the images and read stories about life in 1875.
12:30–1:30pm (ALL)
MacDermott Grand Hall- Folk Music in the Melting Pot: Explore the folk music of America, from Colonial-era ballads and Southern spirituals, to songs of the cowboys and folk songs of the 20th century.
10:15–10:45am (K–3)
Currents Gallery- Storytelling: Come celebrate the great state of Missouri through the power of story! We will read several books that allow our youngest homeschoolers to learn more about some of the places that make our state special.
10:00am – 2:00pm (ALL)
A Walk in 1875 St. Louis Gallery- (Self-Facilitated) Discoveries of 1875: Discover all the wonderful, dreadful, and eclectic things that happened here in St. Louis during 1875. *Pick up your worksheet at the registration desk.
12:30–1:30pm (ALL)
Drop-In New Classroom- Lunch and a Movie: Portrait of St. Louis- this 56 minute documentary was featured in the 250/250 gallery. Experience what St. Louis has to offer as the year-long birthday celebration came to an end.
10:00am–2:00pm (ALL)
Drop-In MacDermott Grand Hall- Lewis & Clark Touch Cart: Join the park rangers from the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial and explore objects related to Lewis and Clark’s incredible journey through the ‘Corps of Discovery’ expedition.
11:45am–12:30pm (ALL)
New Classroom- Missouri by the Numbers: How large? How small? How much? How many? From least to greatest and in between, see Missouri in a new way—by the numbers!In this interactive presentation you will learn some amazing statistics about our state and examine how the numbers were calculated, how they compare, and what they mean.
This is the last 2014-2015 Homeschool Day.
We hope you will join us next year for our first Homeschool Day of the 2015-2016 school year on October 19.
Be sure to check for more information about next year’s Homeschool Days.

Cedar Hill Homeschoolers (CHH) Co-op has extended final registration for 2015-2016 until Monday, June 15, 6:30-8:30pm. They will have another informational meeting on Thursday, June 11, 6:30-8:30pm. CHH is working on getting a website setup. At the moment, Facebook is the only internet presence they have.
CHH is going to be a full-on co-op. They have been very thorough and organized in their plans. Besides classes, there will be monthly field trips, sports, fundraisers, parties (including prom, etc.) and graduation ceremonies.
CHH is a faith-based co-op and all curriculum must be approved by the board (which currently consists of five members). All teachers and people in position of authority must sign a statement of faith (be they Baptist, Catholic, etc. – the Bible must be the basis of their faith). They must also submit to a criminal background check. Families of other faiths and secular families are welcome to join and participate in any/all activities the co-op offers.
Here’s a rundown of the fee structure and classes currently being offered:
Classes to begin August 12.
Classes will be held on Wednesdays.
There will be 15 classes per semester.
Class times will range from 9am to as late as 5pm (though probably most will be over by 3-4pm).
All classes will break for lunch from 12-1.
Everyone is free to do whatever they’d like for lunch, but families are encouraged to bring their lunch, stay at the church and use this as a time to fellowship and get to know other families in the co-op. (This is not easy to do while classes are in session!)
Yearly registration fee is $15 per family. This allows you to be a member of the co-op for field trips and parties. It does not include class fees. Registration fees must be paid by class registration deadline of June 15.
Pre-K is held in 3 hour time blocks, 9-12 & 1-3.
Pre-K class fee is $25 per semester.
K-12 classes will be in 55 minute time blocks.
K-12 class fees are $10 + teacher’s fees for each class for the first 3 classes. All additional classes are no cost (not sure about teacher’s fees – they may still apply).
Additionally, if you teach a class, you get a class for your child for free. If you teach 2 classes, you get 2 free classes! If you are a teacher or teacher’s helper, daycare will be provided.
Additionally, there will be a place for kids to play and hang with moms.
Classes currently being offered:
Pre-K: Music, Letters/Numbers, Spanish, Science & Nature, Story Time, Drama, Creative Play, Dance (they get all of this from 9-12 in the morning, then after lunch, they have a nap/rest/play time from 1-3 in the afternoon)
K: Choir, Drama, Science & Nature, Spanish, Dance
Elementary: Bible, Choir, Drama, Dance
Middle & High School: Life Skills, Dance, Choir, Drama, C.S. Lewis Book Club, Bible
Cooking, Archery & Art are new classes that were just offered at this Tuesday’s meeting – not sure of the age groups yet.
At the moment, classes do not have a time slot. I don’t know when this will be firmed up. I think they’re hoping for a few more classes to be offered, then they’ll get the class times blocked in.
CHH is hoping to expand their class options and are looking for people who want to teach a class. They will also need class helpers, substitute teachers, daycare workers and monitors. Carla Goad says, “We really would like more classes!! If you are interested in teaching a class, PLEASE let me know!”
contact: 636-748-0079 (call or text)

Chemistry Class for Homeschoolers
2015-2016 School Year- Tuesday 10:10-1:30   First Evangelical Free Church
Mrs. Kacey Marner-
The Chemistry course is designed for homeschool high school students. The class will meet 3 hours a week for 16 weeks per semester. The first two hours of the course will focus on the content of Chemistry. This will consist of answering questions from the homework the previous week, a quiz, and teaching of new material through lecture and examples. Most weeks the last hour will consist of a lab where the students will have the opportunity to experience Chemistry first hand. The class includes over 25 labs as well as notes, grades, test, quizzes, labs, homework, and the text.

Michelle Gruender of Tutoring for Excellence offers ACT preparation courses to home school students (individuals or groups) at a discount. She is offering the first one-hour session of tutoring for ACT preparation for FREE to home school families! Parents and students can experience her approach, materials, and customized plan for helping them maximize their ACT score.
During their extended preparation (ideally 14 hours), students complete 4-5 actual past ACT exams—they focus on pace (critical for maximizing their ACT score), develop familiarity with all concepts tested, and improve proficiency in weaker areas through guided repetition.
Michelle has run a successful tutoring business for the past five years, conducted the ACT review course at Sylvan Learning Center, and earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering. For more information, call Michelle at 636-584-9749 or email her for pricing and more details at

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The posted events are open to all homeschoolers in the St. Louis, MO, area (including St. Louis City, St. Louis County, St. Charles County, Lincoln County, Franklin County, and Jefferson County in MO, and Madison County, Monroe County, and St. Clair County in IL, and surrounding regions).
NOTE: Inclusion in this list does not necessarily indicate endorsement by the blog owner. I try to include as many events or classes I know of in the Greater St. Louis area that would be of special interest to homeschoolers. Some of these events come from a distinctively “Christian” perspective, while others are purely “secular” in nature. If you see things that you would not be particularly interested in, just ignore them and look for the things that do appeal to you.

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