Homeschool Events Timely Additions

Homeschool Bowling
Olivette Lanes, 9520 Olive Blvd. Olivette, MO 63123 (one mile east of Lindbergh)
Club Starting: Tuesday September 29: 1:30-3:00pm
Cost: $6 per student per week (12 weeks)
-Includes 2 games, shoes and coaching
Graduation & awards party at the end of the season!!
Meet other homeschool students and create a stronger support system for parents and students
FREE Kick-Off Party (Try it out for free! No strings attached!)
Tuesday, September 22; 1:30pm
Please RSVP or by calling 314-991-0365

Civil War reenactors seeking members
The 11th Mississippi Volunteer Infantry, Company G, is an interactive group of living historians that portray and interpret history from the most pivotal and formative time of the United States, the American Civil War. This group portrays and interprets a variety of impressions: Missouri Home Guard, Missouri State Guard, Western and Eastern Federal infantry, and Western and Eastern Confederate infantry. In addition to the historical nature of our hobby, we take young men and expose them to leadership skills, the outdoor campaign life, and local engagement with other like-minded people allowing for mutual growth, ours and individuals who join.
If you are interested in learning more about history, specifically the American Civil War, and portraying an impression of soldiers of the time period, please stop by and talk with us on Saturday and Sunday, September 18-19 at Kirkwood Park at the local Greentree Festival.
Becoming a reenactor it really is a humbling experience, living the lives of Civil War soldiers on both sides of the conflict, and it also gives you a better sense of history than any book ever could. We’ll be in the Folklife section of the Greentree Festival.
The 11th Mississippi is for boys and men, 13 and up. They can be musicians at 13 (drums and fife), and those 16 and up are eligible to carry a rifle.
There will be a reenactor unit for the ladies at Greentree, also. The Ladies Union Aid Society, and participate in many reenactments by portraying the civilian role in caring for and supporting the soldiers in the field. They would also be happy to talk to anyone interested in their group.

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