Homeschool Events List for October 31, 2016

Student/Parent Mock Election
With Miles to Go
Pokemon GO Homeschool Group
Homeschool Craft Fair – THIS WEEK!
Raptor Awareness Day
Homeschool Roller Skating
Dual Enrollment Option
Interceptors Shotgun Team
Raging Rivers
The Dred Scott Reconciliation Conference

Student/Parent Mock Election
Did you know your students in grades K-12 can vote in this year’s election? SHARE is once again part of the National Student/Parent Mock Election, and our voting dates are THIS week on November 1 and 3 from 9:30 am – 6:00 pm. We would love to have all homeschool children participate! The Homelink /St. Andrew basement (at 309 E Hoffmeister Ave, St. Louis, MO 63125) is again the official polling place. Note: Please use the BACK entrance to the Homelink building – look for the sign with the red, white, and blue balloons at the entrance doors.
Results will be announced over the SHARE email loop and Facebook page on November 4. The National Student/Parent Mock Election website will also post the nationwide overall student results on November 4.
We will be using paper ballots, and all those that cast their vote will get an official NSPME “I Voted” sticker along with candy and/or an apple!
If your children can’t come in and vote at the Homelink polling place, they can still vote online with the NSPME and be part of the nationwide results. Go to the National Student/Parent Mock Election website at and enroll as a “Classroom Teacher” for your own homeschool “district.” Your student can vote online any day up until 11:00 pm on November 3. There are MANY resources on the site that are helpful in studying this year’s election, including detailed Curriculum Guides (NOTE: The NSPME is supposed to be bipartisan, but the guides could still have a political bias).
The National Student/Parent Mock Election was founded in 1980, and SHARE has participated in four of their presidential election years. To learn more about the NSPME, Go to the “About Us” link on their website.  Their mission is “To light a fire in the hearts of our young, empowering them to preserve and protect government of the people, by the people and for the people for generations to come.”
IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT THE “REAL” ELECTION ON NOVEMBER 8: This is a VERY important election when it comes to the right to home educate. We want to KEEP our homeschool-friendly law in Missouri – it is one of the best in the country!  If the right to homeschool is important to you, please do your research on what your favorite candidate thinks of home education and school choice. We cannot take our law for granted!
The Student Mock Election is always a lot of fun and a great learning experience. Our kids seem to love being part of their own election process where their vote is important.

With Miles to Go: Seasons of the Iditarod Trail, and Beyond
Wednesday, November 2 @ 7:30 pm-9:00 pm
Saint Louis Zoo Anheuser-Busch Theater, The Living World
1 Government Drive, St. Louis, MO 63110
(Zoo North Entrance and North Parking Lot ONLY)
Free and OPEN to ALL. Middle and high school students are welcome and encouraged to attend. Reservations not required. Parking is free in the Zoo North Lot.
Debbie Clarke Moderow, recounts colorful challenges and lessons learned running her beloved dog team 1,100 wilderness miles across Alaska. Passing under the Iditarod finish arch in 2005 left her with a newfound understanding the human canine bond, an appreciation life’s inevitable struggles, and a heightened reverence for the long wilderness trail.
Inspired to protect the wild places she’s visited with her huskies, Debbie’s most recent escapade has taken her to the Toolik Field Station in the Arctic—not with her dog team, but instead with a group of microbial ecologists as part of a University of Alaska Fairbanks science and humanities collaboration, In a Time of Change: Microbial Worlds, launched to foster awareness and appreciation of our northern changing landscape. As a writer in this science humanities collaboration, she’s ventured to the frontier of climate change study, seeking insight into that elusive place where science and story mingle—and where our seasons hang in the balance.
Copies of Fast Into the Night: A Woman, Her Dogs, and their Journey North on the Iditarod Trail will be available for purchase and signing by the author, following the presentation.

Pokemon GO Homeschool Group Meetup Dates
November 4th and 18th, Historic Main Street, St. Charles, MO
Bring your devices, chargers, water, and comfy shoes, along with ideas for the next meetup.
We have a super fun group going now and would love to see more of you Go-ers there!
Join our Facebook group here:

November 5th; 10a.m. – 3 p.m. West County Assembly of God in Chesterfield. (Free admission)
13431 N. Outer 40 Rd, Chesterfield, MO 63017
Please mark your calendars and stop by.  We have seen what these crafters will be selling and you don’t want to miss it!  Come and encourage the young homeschool crafters and enjoy the wares of the experienced crafters!
Attendance prizes! Raffle drawings & games! Concessions available!

Raptor Awareness Day
November 5th, 2016; 2:00 PM
Learn about Native Birds of Prey through a demonstration and flight show by the World Bird Sanctuary. The demonstration will be held in the Cahokia Mounds Interpretive Center Auditorium.  The show starts promptly at 2:00 and no one will be admitted after it begins.  For more information call 618-346-5160 or check the website
This is a free event.
30 Ramey Street, Collinsville, Illinois 62234

Homeschool Roller Skating
NOV 8 from 1-3 pm at Rock Roll-O-Rena Roller Rink in Arnold MO. entrance is $4, skates are $2, roller blades $3.75; they prefer cash, but do take credit cards also. Come drop your kids off and let them skate while you go vote (the lady at the rink suggested this)

Dual Enrollment Option
As the Director of the Advanced Credit Program at UMSL I wanted to reach out to members of your organization to tell you about our new online program for high school aged students. The program allows high school students to take college courses in an online format through UMSL.  The courses are for high school students only.  The cost for these courses is extremely reasonable at just $64 per credit hour.  Students do have to pay for books and any other expenses, but the cost of the course is only $192 for a 3 credit course.
For more information, please see the flyer below and our ACP Online website.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.
Regards, Kathleen

Interceptors Shotgun Team Support
As you may know I am involved with a local youth shooting sports team.  I believe that recreational sport shooting teaches the youth of our country respect, responsibility, discipline, leadership, safety, teamwork and the importance of protecting our constitutional rights.  Thousands of student athletes have developed and refined these skills through programs sponsored by the Scholastic Clay Target Program, (SCTP) and the Scholastic Action Shooting Program, (SASP). These two programs are overseen by the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation (SSSF).
The SSSF has launched a new campaign entitled, “VISION 20/20”! The goal is to grow our participation to over 20,000 student athletes annually by the year 2020.  In partnership with current youth shooting sports programs and civic organizations, the SSSF will provide the opportunity and funding for more students to join existing shooting teams and create new teams were none exist today. By introducing more student athletes to the world of clay target and action shooting, we can also help to ensure the protection of the second amendment for generations to come!
This grand mission will take coordinated efforts of many people, clubs and organizations. But foremost it will take the financial backing of local people like you and me.  Here is the question I said I would ask… “Will you join our mission and make a tax-deductible donation at  The money you donate will be shared with our local team and the SSSF by using Team ID 1785 when you make your donation.  Additionally, for every $250 our club raises through this leadership giving campaign, the SSSF will provide a special gift to our team to help our kids or with our local fund raising efforts.
Help us offer the shooting sports to more deserving kids. Please donate $25, $50 or more by clicking on this link and remember to use Team ID 1785 when you make your donation. You can also help us further our efforts by forwarding this message to your friends, family and associates who might be interested in helping our cause!
I thank you in advance for your consideration.
Monty Schrunk, Head Coach
Saint Louis Interceptors Shotgun Team
Find the Interceptors on Facebook

Raging Rivers
Dear Principals, Teachers and Educators:
Raging Rivers is kicking off a new program, A’s Days, for our 2017 season for students from Kindergarten through High School!  To celebrate hard-working students, the park is offering one day FREE admission during our A’s Days on June 24 – 30, 2017 to individuals providing a 2016-2017 report card with at least one ‘A’. If students cannot come out to play during one of the special A’s Days, they can bring their report card with an ‘A’ on it to receive $10 off their admission price on an alternative day during the 2017 season. This program will honor any school’s top grade in their grading system, whether it is an “A,” an “S” for Satisfactory, an “M” for Meets, or a number grade, etc. Please advise your students to check in at the ticket booth during the week of June 24 – 30, 2017 to receive their complimentary ticket, or a $10 off ticket on any other day of the season.
The A’s Days Program will replace Raging Rivers’ Raging Reader program which has been offered for the past several years. We hope the promise of a fun summer day at Raging Rivers will give students an added incentive to work hard for good grades. Unlike the Raging Readers program, the “A’s Days” program is offered to high school students, and also means less paperwork and record-keeping, with no deadlines. We look forward to debuting the new program and to welcoming all of the region’s “A” students during the 2017 season!

The Dred Scott 10th Anniversary Reconciliation Conference
On December 3, 2016, the 10th Anniversary of the Dred Scott Heritage Foundation will be celebrated with a major Dred Scott Reconciliation Conference. It will be held, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., at the Hilton Frontenac, 1335 S. Lindbergh in St. Louis, Missouri. The conference will feature descendants of five of the most prominent men whose actions affected or were affected by the famous 1857 Supreme Court Decision.
Descendants attending the daylong conference will be: Shannon Lanier (Thomas Jefferson and Sallie Hemming); John LeBourgeois (Peter Blow, Dred Scott’s original owner); Lynne M. Jackson (Dred Scott); Charlie Taney (Chief Justice Roger B. Taney); and Bertram Hayes Davis (Jefferson Davis).  Along with the descendants, other participants include the Rev. Nicholas Inman, who has chaired the event that hosted the Dred Scott Reconciliation Forum in Marshfield, MO for the last six years; Pastor Sylvester Turner (Pastor “T”) of Richmond, Virginia,who will share about international reconciliation conferences and the work being done at the Richmond slave trial; and Jonathan Thomas (JT), who inspired the community in Ferguson, MO during the summer of 2014.
The Foundation’s anniversary is on the eve of the 160th Anniversary in March, 2017. It will culminate with the realization of a decade-old idea of Brian and Lynne Jackson. Lynne Jackson stated, “For more than a decade, we have had the concept through the work of the Foundation to meet and find common ground with other descendants of history makers, especially those surrounding the Dred Scott Decision. We are grateful that descendants of some of the history makers and many others have come together as the Dred Scott Sons and Daughters of Reconciliation (SADOR).” Jackson concluded by saying, “Since March 6, 2007, over 30 individuals have interacted with or participated in various Dred Scott programs. Many descendants who have agreed to collaborate as Dred Scott SADOR have already participated together in programs (some hosted by DSHF and some by other organizations. Family members of Martin Luther King, Jr., Booker T Washington, Harriet Tubman, John Brown, Chief Justice John Jay, Solomon Northrup, Moses Grandy, William Grimes and many others have shared their stories together over the past several years.
This event also marks the official kick off of future programs as the DSHF continues to bring these histories to life as we permeate through today’s cultural waters with resolutions in mind.
At the conference, through shared stories, the relatives will show how their lives have intersected in the 21st century; and how they are doing exactly what the Foundation set out to do in 2007, “Let the Healing Begin”.
Along with historical perspectives on the ancestors, each individual will share a unique story that is not widely known. The audience will have an opportunity to interact with the panel.
The cost of the conference is $75.00 and includes lunch. The public is invited. Please share this information with those you know who may be interested in attending.
Registrations can be made via the website at or payments may be sent to The Dred Scott Foundation, P. O. Box 2000, Florissant, MO 63032-2009. Please send name and phone number along with mailed registrations.
For more information, contact Stephanie A. Miles, 618-741-3770: or 314-532-5613.
The Dred Scott Heritage Foundation is a 501(C)3 organization and donations are tax deductible.

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