Homeschool Events List for January 3, 2017

Homeschool PE
Homeschool Music
Jubilation Chorale
SHARE Geography Bee
Shooting Sports Fundraiser
KoR Komplex Homeschool Morning
GeoBee sponsored by Homeschooler Link
2017 Winter Dance
!!Dr. Brian Ray speaking at FVL!!

The Homeschool P.E. Program at the Salvation Army begins second semester on Tuesday or Thursday – January 3rd or 5th. Location:  824 Union Road, St. Louis Mo., 63123
There IS still room in all of the classes, although Tuesday classes are very full and you will have to get special permission from Cort to take classes that day.
***Attention families with kids ages 5-8!!  Please consider joining the Thursday 11 am class.  Cort barely has enough students in that class.***
For you families that are returning, you do not need to fill out a new registration form.  Cort has last semester’s on file.  However, if you are making class or time changes, be sure to let him know by email!  To pay for PE, bring your check (made payable to Salvation Army), put details in the memo, and give it to the person at the desk.
NOTE: If for some reason you did not fill out the required Salvation Army Registration Form last semester, please do that the first week of 2017 classes! You can obtain a copy of the forms at the main Information Desk at the Salvation Army, outside of the gym and it is attached.
For you families that will be new to PE this semester, you can download the 2017 info sheet from the SHARE website and email Cort Hubbard at  If you have any questions about class placement, ask Cort by email or call him at 631-0727 ext. 6130.

Homeschool Music Classes meets on WEDNESDAYS at Zion United Methodist Church, 1603 Union Road, St. Louis, 63125. (about 2 minutes from the Salvation Army PE Classes!)
The classes are endorsed by SHARE, but independent of our Homelink classes. Students must be SHARE members to participate in band (so that they are covered by our insurance plan). However, there is no Homelink registration fee, as these classes do not meet at the Homelink location. There will be a small fee to cover the cost of renting the room at Zion United Methodist Church. All levels of musical experience are welcome—beginning, intermediate and advanced. Band instrumentation includes brass, woodwinds and percussion.
Mr. Heitmann, band director and teacher, is highly recommended by the homeschool community.
Classes are VERY reasonable at $20.00 per month (with a small building rental fee….see below.) Note: We must ask that each family (not student) pay a $10 per semester fee to cover the cost of renting the building. You can just give that payment to Steve and he will see that Cathy Mullins gets it in order to pay the rental fee to the church. Thanks!
Classes are 45 minutes long.
Recommended Grade: Varies–each student must be able to read the written word. They do not have to read music, but must be able to physically hold their chosen instrument so it works properly.
Contact Steve Heitmann at 636-208-6914 or for more information.
Teacher: Steve Heitmann has a Music Education degree from University of Missouri-St. Louis along with lifetime certification in instrumental music for K-12. Steve has taught and performed music in all types of settings for many years. This is his 16th year of teaching band for homeschoolers. Steve is the orchestra leader of his church, where he also plays trumpet. Steve and his wife Cheryl are homeschool parents of 6 children, ages 13 to 27.
1:30 Advanced Guitar
2:15 Advanced Band
3:00 Beginning Band
3:45 Beginning Guitar
♪Advanced Guitar 1:30 p.m. Talk to Steve to see if your child could be at this level.
♪Advanced Band 2:15 p.m Talk to Steve to see if your child could be at this level.
♪Beginning Band Class 3:00 p.m. Brand new students! 3:00 pm The instruments in the homeschool beginning band include the electric bass, woodwinds, brass and percussion. Students who have never played an instrument, cannot read music or desire to start a different instrument are welcome to join us. Students must be physically large enough to hold the instrument that they choose to play and have basic reading and math skills. We will be using the Standard of Excellence Book One. The cost is $20.00 per month. New students welcome!
♪ Beginning Guitar Class for first-timers 3:45 p.m. The beginning homeschool guitar class is designed to help beginning students learn to play the guitar, read standard music notation and to pick simple melodies on the guitar. We will also learn some very basic chords and strumming patterns. We do prefer that each student have an acoustic guitar, but we will accept those students that already have an electric guitar. You will have to carry your amp to class each week. Students must be physically large enough to hold the guitar and have basic reading and math skills. This class will be limited to 12 students. The cost is $20.00 per month. It is recommended that students arrive around 10 minutes early so they can quietly tune their guitar in the hallway. Steve will have books with him on the first day of class for purchase.
Special thanks to the congregation at Zion United Methodist Church for hosting our homeschool band and guitar classes again this year.
CONTACT STEVE HEITMANN AT 636-208-6914 OR for more information.

Registration for Jubilation Chorale is open for the new semester.  Come join the choir and develop your musical gifts.  This is also a great place to make friends. Class will resume on Wed. Jan. 4th at 2:00 pm.
The choir will focus on music literacy, practicing good vocal production, singing 4 part harmony, sight-singing and performance etiquette.  Although most of the class will be participation in the choral ensemble, it may also include written assignments and tests.  No audition is necessary for participation in this class but a vocal evaluation may be done to determine the ability level of the students and individual placement within the group.  Literature will include a variety of musical styles and time periods.  The choir will have the opportunity to perform several times each semester.
Meeting Dates:  Wednesdays from 2:00 – 3:30 PM
Place:  Canaan Baptist Church Choir room (5409 Baumgartner Rd 63129)
Age:  12 yrs (by 9/1/2016) through 18 — grades 7-12
Cost:  $25/month for the first student, $40 for two students, and $50 for three or more
Contact:  Mrs. Scheidhauer at 314-402-5038  or

The 2017 National Geographic St. Louis Area Home Educators Geography Bee
WHO?   All 4th – 8th grade homeschoolers in the St. Louis area.
WHAT?  The 10th annual St. Louis Area Homeschool Geography Bee to qualify a winner for the MO State Bee.
NOTE:  This is one of the two official National Geographic Homeschool Geography Bees in the area.  Also, if you are an Illinois participant and win the bee, please know that you will be representing the state of Missouri.
WHERE?  The Lutheran Church of Webster Gardens, 8749 Watson Road, Webster Groves, MO 63119
It is between Elm Rd and Grant Rd on Watson, just south of Hwy 44.
WHEN?  Saturday, January 7, 2017   2:00 p.m.
WHY?  To test your knowledge of both US and World geography, and because it’s lots of fun!
Families are welcome to attend.
COST?  $5.00 per participant   You can use Paypal when you register or send a check made out to SHARE to:
Cathy Mullins     3675 Montana    St. Louis, MO 63116
* We’ll have refreshments after the bee. Please bring a sweet, salty or healthy snack.We’ll provide drinks!
Got questions?   Contact Cathy Mullins at 314.769.7965  or with questions.
HOW?  New this year—online registration!  Just fill out the online registration form and use either PayPal or check to help pay for Geo Bee costs.
GO TO: and look for the Geo Bee Logo on the homepage.  Or just click on the Calendar date of January 7th 2017 to register.  If you are a SHARE member, please Log-in first so that the website’s accounting system can automatically mark your registration paid if you pay using Paypal.
Quick Link if you are NOT a SHARE member:

Saint Louis Area Homeschool Shooting Sports fundraiser event
On Tuesday, January 10, 2017, come to Saint Louis’ Incredible Pizza Company between 4:00 and 8:00 pm and help us start the 2017 season with a bang! Pull the trigger on an evening of food and fun and bring your whole family to celebrate with home schooled youth shooters from around the St. Louis area.
A percentage of proceeds will be donated to Saint Louis Area Homeschool Shooting Sports and used to support youth shooting sports programs such as the Saint Louis Interceptors home schooled youth shotgun team.  When you arrive, just let them know you wish to support our fundraiser.
Package prices available for attendees:
$25.99 – All-You-Can-Eat Buffet and Unlimited Drinks, a $10 Gamecard, and 4 Attractions
$26.99 – All-You-Can-Eat Buffet and Unlimited Drinks and a $25 Gamecard
$34.99 – All-You-Can-Eat Buffet and Unlimited Drinks, a $10 Gamecard, 6 Attractions and 2 Hours of Open Play on Video Games
Attendees can also purchase buffets alone at regular prices:
Adults (12+) – $9.99; $7.99 lunch special (11am-4pm)
Seniors (55+) – $5.99
Children (8-11) – $8.49
Children (4-7) – $6.99
Children (3 & under) – FREE
Drink only (includes drink, slushy, ice cream) – $2.25
Please invite your friends and family to come out to enjoy and support this event.  You can forward this e-mail or share the event on facebook:

First timers to KoR Komplex will take an intro class. Everyone who takes the intro class MUST sign up 3 days prior to save their spot. Spots limited to 35 kids, only sign up if you are for sure coming so we can make sure all kids who want to come get their chance!
We will be offering this class on Monday January 23rd from 9am-11am. Can sign a waiver in advance along with pay online to save time when coming in! Show up 15 minutes prior to check in.
If your child has already taken the intro class they can sign up for the same class and have open gym. Sign up still under Home School ONLY INTRO CLASS/OPEN GYM.
Cost $10 per head
1. Head to
2. Hover mouse over “home” and click on “new client” will show.
3. Click “My kid is new to kor komplex! I am parent/legal guardian.”
4. Complete waiver
1. Head to
2. Hover over “home” & click “sign up for classes”
3. Login in with username and password created when you signed waiver
5. Click “sign up”
6. You can pay online or when you come in. (Purchase Kid Obstacle intro class)
Contact us @ 636-724-8166
Address: 546 First Capitol Dr., Saint Charles, MO 63301

National Geographic GeoBee
2016-2017 Homeschool GeoBee Sponsored by Homeschooler Link
Competition Date is set for January 24th 6:00p.m. at the Spencer Road Library Room 112
Please register to be a part of the 2016-2107 National GeoBee through Homeschooler Link.  It is FREE to participate the GeoBee. This event is open to all homeschool families, regardless of group membership.  To qualify, your student must be in grades 4-8.  The grade levels will be based on the ages for the grades your child would normally be in.  We will have a couple of meetings prior to our actual bee to help the students get a feel for what the bee is going to be like.
This competition has seven different categories of questions and several have a multiple choice answer.  The students with the most correct answer out of seven proceeds to the next round.  This is not a “miss one question and you’re out” type of competition.  The questions start out fairly easy and get harder as they progress.  There is a “study corner” on their website ( to help your student prepare.  The Bee will cover many geography items such as, but not limited to: countries, states, capitals, major cities, rivers, oceans, jungles, volcanoes, islands, significant landmarks, and more.
See complete rules and registration here:

2017 Winter Dance – hosted by SHARE!
WHEN:  Friday, January 27th from 7 pm – 11 pm
Doors will open at 6:30 pm
WHERE: Abiding Savior Lutheran Church
4355 Butler Hill Road, St. Louis, MO 63128
WHO: As with all of our dances, this one is open to homeschooled 9-12 graders.
However, in keeping with tradition, we are inviting 8th graders to this dance!!!!!
Each attendee may bring a guest (homeschool, non-homeschool or alumni under age 21).
*Food will be served*
COST:  $10.00 per person, but $15.00 after January 21, 2017
Please note that your space is not secure until you pay.  Also if you sign up before January 21, but do not pay until after January 21, you will have to pay the higher price.
Please try to pay when you sign-up.  Sign up is at the SHARE website.
Dress Code:  Dressy casual – Superhero shirts are acceptable!!!
Girls:  Dresses should not be revealing in either back or front.  You should be able to dance with your arms up or sit without showing too much upper leg.  No midriffs or full sides cut out/showing.
Boys:  Khakis and dress pants are acceptable.  No “sagging” pants.
Got questions:  Contact Tracy at:

Academic and Elite Angst Over Homeschooling: Be Prepared
OR, alternate title,
Come Here Some Good Reasons to Homeschool Your Children 🙂
Brian D. Ray, Ph.D.
President of the National Home Education Research Institute and Homeschooling Father of Eight Children
Date:     February 9, 2017   7:00P.M. – 9:00P.M. (doors open 6:30pm)
Place:    The Family Vision, 2020 Parkway Drive, St. Peters, MO  63376
636-447-6900     (Near Hwy 70 and Cave Springs Blvd Exit 225,
Contact Person(s):
Lisa — or The Family Vision 636-447-6900
Dr. Brian Ray – at NHERI, or 503-364-1490
Free Admission; a freewill offering for the nonprofit National Home Education Research Institute will be taken up. Books, reports, & videos on sale.
Dr. Ray’s message will challenge and educate those who wonder, “What are some professors complaints about homeschooling? What are their real motives? Why should liberty lovers and Christians homeschool? What does the research say? Dr. Ray will encourage both the homeschool-curious and veteran homeschoolers.
Dr. Ray will help you consider the answers to questions such as the following?
~Why are so many American professors worried about homeschooling?
~What is the purpose and effect of public/state schooling?
~Does research support the idea that home education is good for children and families?
~Why should liberty-lovers and Christians homeschool?
Bring the curious, the critic, your friend, your pastor/elders, journalists, and your children’s grandparents. Dr. Ray will bring solid books and reports on homeschooling and child training for sale.
Dr. Ray has been critically reviewing research in the area of home education for about 33 years. He is the founding editor of Home School Researcher, a quarterly peer-reviewed journal on home education; has published numerous articles on home education in professional journals (e.g., Peabody Journal of Education, Educational Leadership), Christianity Today, and The Old Schoolhouse magazine; has been interviewed by numerous radio, print, and television media, including two appearances on the “NBC Today Show” with presidents of the National Education Association; is a former professor of education at the undergraduate and graduate levels; is a former classroom teacher in private and public schools; is an outstanding researcher, and takes a logical and friendly approach to home education. His Ph.D. is in science education from Oregon State University. His newest books are Home Educated and Now Adults and Worldwide Guide to Homeschooling (available online Dr. and Mrs. Ray homeschooled all of their eight children (and they have eight grandchildren), and live on a small farm in western Oregon.
If you have an interest in or concern about the “outcomes of home education,” think that homeschooling is bad for society (or good for society), or you are a veteran homeschooler who just needs a little morale boost, you won’t want to miss this presentation. Good books and other relevant resources on child training and homeschooling will be available.
National Home Education Research Institute Salem OR 97309   503/3641490
free research news —

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