Homeschool Events List for July 27, 2017

Observatory Open House
Blast Off! Science Game Day
LifeLight Youth Theatre
Summer Book Fair
Speech and Debate
Homeschool Day Project Showcase
Middle School Quiz Bowl
Maverick Learning Center
High School Classes
Memorial Homeschool Co-op
Ambleside Christian Academy
New Homeschooler Seminar
Educator Appreciation Days
Seeking English Teacher
Highschool Mini-Seminar

Observatory Open House
The Richard D. Schwartz Observatory at UMSL, 7701 Florissant Rd, St. Louis 63121
Free and Kid friendly
July 29 at 9 PM – 10 PM; Public viewing of the first quarter Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, M13 Globular Cluster, Albireo, Ring Nebula.
August 26 at 8:30 PM – 10 PM; Public viewing of the first quarter Moon, Saturn, M13 Globular Cluster, Albireo, Ring Nebula.
September 30 at 8:30 PM – 10 PM; Public viewing of the first quarter Moon, Saturn, M13 Globular Cluster, Albireo, Ring Nebula, Andromeda Galaxy
October 28 at 7 PM – 9 PM; Public viewing of the first quarter Moon, M13 Globular Cluster, Albireo, Ring Nebula, Andromeda Galaxy, Double Cluster

Blast Off! Science Game Day in St. Charles
You’re invited to Science Game Day for Homeschoolers, a FREE event!
What: Learn science through card games and board games!
Who: Homeschoolers 6th-12th grade
Plus, younger kids are welcome with parental supervision!
When: Tuesday, August 1st, 12:30pm-3:30pm
Come and go as you please!
Where: The St. Charles Fantasy Shop (board game store), 2125 Zumbehl Rd., St Charles, MO 63303
Why: Educational, non-digital, hands-on games have an incredible impact on learning! By making the education process enjoyable and fun, we make the hard sciences more accessible for students.
Have a blast playing games which are being used in classrooms across the country and learn about Biology and Chemistry during a fun-filled afternoon!
Space is limited, so RSVP today at Blast Off! Science Game Day – St. Charles Facebook event!  Not on Facebook? Email with the number of students you plan to bring!

LifeLight Youth Theatre
Now is the time to complete/ finalize your 2017/18 LYT registration.
To complete your family’s registration for LYT Performing Arts classes, please complete the online form by following this link. CLICK HERE FOR ONLINE REGISTRATION.
On this secure online form you will finalize your class(es) selection, pay the first month’s tuition, pay the per child yearly registration fee and supply fees associated with certain classes.
The online registration form is due August 2nd.
We will accept registrations after this date, if there is room in the class. *Veteran LifeLight families, please do not delay as there has been a higher than usual demand for new registrations and we try to honor your loyalty by giving you your requested classes first.
Classes begin Monday, September 11th and registered families will receive a “Welcome” email approximately 2 weeks before classes begin.

2017 St. Charles Friends of the Library Summer Book Fair
Friday, August 4th
9 AM – 12 PM (Friends Members only admission)
12 PM – 9 PM Open to general public
Saturday, August 5th
9 AM – 7 PM Open to general public
Sunday, August 6th
1 PM – 3 PM
Open to general public
Non-Profit day
$5 a bag day (most items)
NEW LOCATION: The Family Arena, 2002 Arena Parkway, St. Charles, MO 63303
Free Admission

Competitive Speech and Debate
Our alumni students claim that this activity, above all others, prepared them for both college and life. As parent leaders, we agree—so much that we come back year after year to support and organize this club. We would love to have your family join us this year as we encourage one another to, “Speak boldly. Changing the world for Christ.” The goal reflects the mission of our competitive league: Stoa. To find out more about homeschool speech and debate, please visit the website: There you will find a wonderful video that gives a glimpse of the opportunities available through this activity.
Speech and Debate Opportunities for the 2017-2018 School Year
Time: Mondays from 2:30-5:30
Location: West County Assembly of God
Dates: Between September 11—November 27 and January 8—April 9 we will meet for approximately 18 sessions. (We purposely keep this flexible because of the tournament schedule, but in the past years we have ended up offering more sessions than we initially scheduled.)
Club Time: We offer a combination of instruction, discussion, and practice that prepares students (ages 12-18) to speak with confidence and poise. We are particularly excited this year to offer Skype coaching through Ethos Debate ( for one hour of our debate time. During the remaining time, leaders will facilitate games, impromptu speeches, drills, and debates to allow students to hone public speaking skills. Our goal is to provide opportunities for every student to speak every week. Much of this practice will come through debate drills and impromptu exercises, but we will also help students prepare speeches for competition.
Competitions: Our club typically hosts a St. Louis tournament in the spring and several of our families travel to tournaments throughout the Midwest. The level of tournament involvement is up to each family. Some choose to only compete in St. Louis, while others travel to multiple tournaments. One of the joys of speech and debate is the special friendships our families have made with families across the United States.
Camp: We are hosting an Ethos Debate Camp August 22-24. Please see for more information.
Cost for Club:
Yearly fees: $260. Discount of $25 ($245) for early registration (due by August 5). Fees are due at time of registration.
Early Registration Deadline: August 5, 2017
Final Registration Deadline: September 11, 2017 (1st day of club)
If you would like more information or would like to request a registration form, please email Kathy at

Homeschool Day Project Showcase
Missouri History Museum
Are your homeschoolers proud of something they’ve made? Have they researched something fascinating that they want to share? Come show it off at our first-ever Homeschool Day Project Showcase on Monday, September 18!
This is an opportunity for your students to educate other homeschool families about projects they’ve worked on related to science, history, or art. It’s also a chance for students to practice presenting and explaining their work to small groups.
Our project showcase will be set up like a science fair so families can walk around and interact with all the presenters. Students are welcome to share something they’ve already done rather than make something new.
Please note:
Nothing can be bought or sold during this project showcase.
Students will have one table that measures approx. 6 feet by 2 feet.
Students will have access to a power source if requested.
Students will need to bring any laptops or tech equipment with them, if needed.
Multiple students from the same family may apply.
Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis but are limited to 25 total participants.
Apply Now

Middle School Quiz Bowl
We are in the process of starting up a middle school (grades 6-8) quiz bowl team. Quiz bowl is an academic competition where teams of students use buzzers to score points for their team by answering a wide range of questions. Topics include history, literature, math, religion, science, geography and fine arts. We will be training and practicing together twice a month and competing in approximately five competitions with other Missouri middle schoolers throughout the year. There may also be an opportunity to travel (possibly Atlanta, DC, or Chicago) if we qualify for nationals. Please contact Jen Farra ( for more information.

Maverick Learning Center
11150 Old Saint Charles Rd, Saint Ann, Missouri 63074
At Maverick, we offer an extensive variety of classes for K-12 students. Utilize our classes as a supplement or your entire curriculum. We offer hour to hour-and-a-half long classes that will help you become organized this school year. Our classes are very reasonably priced.  Join us as we start this new school year!

High school classes still accepting students
Chesterfield Presbyterian Church’s Homeschool Network 9Up program is still taking registrations for the upcoming school year.
Here’s the short and sweet version:
All classes are on Thursdays and are taught at Chesterfield Presbyterian Church on Clayton Road. There are 2 14-week semesters.
Students follow a day by day syllabus for each class.  Thursdays are for labs, discussions, lectures, class projects, etc. All classes are taught at a high school level from a Christian worldview by seasoned teachers who maintain high standards for their students.
Classes offered this year are:
8:30-9:30-High school composition, $250/year, taught by Carol Scanio
9:30-10:30-British Literature, $250/year, taught by Carol Scanio
10:30-11:30-Fall semester:  Government, $125/semester; Winter semester: Economics and entrepreneurship, $125/semester, both classes taught by Carol Scanio.
9:30-10:30-Saxon Algebra 1, $350/year, taught by Cindy Bianucci
10:30-12-Apologia Physical Science, $400/year, taught by Cindy Bianucci
10:30-12-Apologia Biology, $500/year, taught by Aili Grasso
12:30-2-Apologia Chemistry, $500/year, taught by Aili Grasso
12:30-2-Apologia Physics, $500/year, taught by Cindy Bianucci
2-3-Saxon Algebra 2, $350/year, taught by Cindy Bianucci
More information can be found at under children’s ministries and then homeschool network and then the google page. Have questions?  Call Linda at three one four 276 five five 8 four

Memorial Homeschool Co-op
A Christian, parent-led coop that meets on Wednesday mornings at Memorial Presbyterian, just west of Forest Park.  We have hands-on classes and field trips for 3 years old -5th grade in subjects ranging from science and art to social studies.  Affordable fees are charged to cover supplies and to pay parent teachers.  Free nursery is provided. Please email Catha for more information at

Ambleside Christian Academy
Registration for Fall 2017 is now open for Ambleside Christian Academy! We started out last year as a forest school, with Jeff Bader teaching nature/drawing, and Cort Hubbard teaching PE. This year we have expanded to include other programs as well! Students can be enrolled in 1-4 days per week, allowing parents to customize an educational plan for their children. In addition to the forest school, we now offer Field Trip Days, which include two days per month where students are immersed in the creativity of a master – learning from museums, buildings with amazing architecture, artists, small businesses, charities, and more! The other two days a month students study architecture and entrepreneurship, and spend most of their day in studio time, working alone or in small groups to design and implement a project inspired by the master works. We have also added our Checkpoint workshops, where we focus on communication and relational skills, as well as math, writing, grammar, Latin, and memory work. We have lots of details on our website if you want to learn more!

New Homeschooler Seminar
When?  Saturday, August 5, 2017
Time?  9 am – 12 pm
Where?  St. Andrew Catholic Church, 309 Hoffmeister Ave., St. Louis, MO 63125 (4 mins from Hwy 55 and Bayless exit)
Please drive around to the back of the church complex to a large parking lot and look for signs. (Sorry, no childcare provided.)
What? Everything you need to know about homeschooling in Missouri and Illinois.  This is a general homeschool seminar and will not go in to detail on homeschooling for high school.  But it will explain homeschool state laws, record keeping, planning, curriculum, resources, and more!
Cost? FREE, but registration is required, so that we know how many to prepare for.
How to register? Go to, scroll down till you see Homeschooling ABC’s image, click on link.

Educator Appreciation Days
Barnes & Noble, 8871 Ladue Road, Ladue, MO 63124
Every Sat & Sun in August, your local Barnes & Noble store will host Educator Appreciation Days. Enjoy 25% off most items INCLUDING personal shopping. –10% off in the café.  At B&N Ladue, we’ll have raffles & giveaways, too…We hope to see you there! Homeschool families may enroll in the FREE Educator Discount Program to receive special savings, information about ongoing events & resources.   Year-round you’ll receive 20% off of all eligible items for educational use.

Homelink registration is now open
Go to:
The website has a completely different look and my hope is that it will be much easier for you to navigate…lots of big pictures to click on rather than a list of tiny pop-outs. Plus, it makes it much easier to navigate on your smart phone, although I don’t recommend signing up for classes that way as it is so much easier from a laptop or desktop.
Registration is pretty much the same as last year but we have made some changes. Here are the basic steps for registering for classes:
Quick Overview to Signing Up for Homelink classes
Log in if you are a SHARE member. If you are not a SHARE member, you will need to join in order to take Homelink classes (insurance requirement).
Join or renew SHARE membership.
Fill out online Homelink Registration Form—very important as this is our emergency contact info.
Sign-up for all the classes you need and choose an Operation Fee that applies.
Pay what you owe. A minimum of $25.00 must be paid for each class. Your student will NOT be officially enrolled in a class unless that deposit is paid.

Seeking English Teacher
Homelink (the learning center connected with SHARE) is looking for an English teacher (just got word that the one we hired in May, cannot do it now).  Classes are scheduled for Thursdays and so far we have students in the following classes:
American Lit & Comp  (high school)
British Lit & Comp   (high school)
Intro to Lit & Comp (middle school)
Creative Writing  (middle school)
You would not have to teach all of these classes if prep work seemed too much.  I think we could choose one in each grade level, narrowing it down to 2 classes.
Of course it would be perfect to have someone with an English degree or a degree in Education, but we all know that a homeschool mom who is diligent can do just as well as someone with a degree.  So we are open to that.  You would determine how much you will charge for the class, but we will not know exactly how many students you will have until at least August 22.
We are hoping to find someone who is just crazy about literature and has a real zeal to share that love with homeschool students.
Feel free to email me at with your resume, your reasons for wanting the job, and/or to just ask questions.  Or, you can call me at 314-769-7965.

Highschool Courses, Credits & Transcripts Mini-Seminar
These are the 3 major concepts that will be addressed in our upcoming mini-seminar!
A team of veteran homeschoolers will be able to assist you with your specific transcript!
WHAT? A mini-seminar concentrating only on courses and credits needed for graduation & keeping a transcript.
WHEN?   Saturday, August 12, 2017
TIME?  9am-noon
WHERE?  St. Andrew Catholic Church (Homelink location), 309 Hoffmeister, St. Louis, MO 63125 (drive around to the back of the church for a huge parking lot)
WHO?  All homeschooling parents are invited (Sorry, no childcare available.)
COST? $5.00 to cover room rental and copy costs.  If this is a hardship, let us know, as scholarships are available.
HOW?  To register, go to and scroll down a bit till you see the flyer that you can click on. If the $5 is a hardship, just finish your registration form and skip the Paypal part.
Questions?   Ask Cathy at

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