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There are several independent homeschool groups throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area.  The information provided for the website was a cooperative effort of the homeschool community regarding area support groups, events and resources available to the homeschool community in the St. Louis metropolitan area. I particularly wish to reach out to new and potential homeschooling families by providing them with the information and encouragement they need to successfully homeschool.

Those participating in the administration of this site do not necessarily endorse any individual group, program or event. I urge anyone participating in any of the listed events or programs to use their own discretion to determine its appropriateness for their family.

The Events List portion of this site is a listing of events and classes open to all homeschooling families in the Greater St. Louis, Missouri area. This list works to include events for homeschoolers from all backgrounds, religious beliefs and homeschooling methodologies. This blog is NOT associated with any singular area homeschool group. I will post almost any class or event sent to me. Think there should be more of your groups events posted? Give your leaders my email address (found at the bottom of every post). I will not share any private group events without permission from group leaders. Some groups are just more open to sharing their events than others.

I am always in the need of research assistants. The pay is terrible ($0), but the hours are great (as your schedule allows) and the rewards are fabulous (ensuring your community has information and choices). The best people for this position will be those who like to “do stuff”. No training necessary! Everyone is hired!  Just put my email address (zana8796 {at} yahoo {dot} com) in your contacts and when you see something I could use, shoot me an email. In the body of the email please, I will not open attachments. Also, when you have free time (I know that phrase is humorous to a homeschool parent), look over the website to look for broken links and incorrect or out of date information. I am looking forward to getting some volunteers! I do not charge anyone to post their events, nor do I receive payment for this blog, so also let businesses you frequent know to send me their class and event information. Illinois side this includes you, too!!!

I would especially like to thank Laura and Elise Kostial for their hundreds of hours of effort to compile much of this information into one spot.

Thanks for reading!
Susie Thurmond

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