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Classical Conversations
The term “classical education” is a phrase that is becoming more common. What does it mean? To put it most simply, classical education is a model of rigorous and thorough education that equips a young student throughout their school days and into adulthood. At the core of this educational process, is the grammar stage.  During this period students soak in knowledge through memorization and learning who, what, where, and when of those facts memorized. As they start to test their boundaries in life, they move into the dialectic stage, and begin to grow in understanding. Students question how facts relate and explore cause and effect. The rhetoric stage occurs during their high school years.  Students draw upon the knowledge they gained during their grammar years and the understanding produced from the dialectic stage in order to formulate their opinions and have the ability to express them with grace, ease, and persuasiveness.
Classical Conversations breaks this process into a manageable plan for homeschooling families through three programs: “Foundations” for students ages 4 to 12 (or 6th grade); “Essentials”, which is taught in addition to Foundations, for students 4th-6th grade; and “Challenge” for junior and high school students.
Foundations meets once a week during the school year for 24 weeks. Class sizes are limited to eight students and their parents. A paid tutor uses games and songs to drill new memory work. Memory work includes geography, English grammar, math, science, history, Latin, the U.S. presidents, and a timeline of the world from creation to modern day America. The children learn about art, famous artists and composers, and practice different painting and drawing techniques. They also learn how to play the tin whistle, study the scientific method through science experiments and weekly perfect their public speaking skills.
Essentials engages the children in English grammar and writing while taking them beyond the worksheet. Students learn to develop the mental skills to sort and classify facts and learn the tools they need to become eloquent, effective writers. This is a program where English grammar is reinforced through conversations with adults who want their students to master the art of language studies. The Essentials program includes sentence diagramming, parts of speech, spelling, vocabulary, phonics, punctuation, writing lessons, and more. On top of this, part of class time is used to drill math facts in order to enable students to work with greater speed and accuracy in mental arithmetic as they prepare for success in Algebra and beyond.
The Challenge program is for students 12 and older. For 30 weeks they study six challenging subjects at home while practicing dialectic & rhetorical skills in a weekly class. An experienced home schooling parent tutors the students in math, foreign language, and science labs. Students also receive suggestions for improving their written work. Other coursework is shared through facilitated discussions. Each level is called a “Challenge” rather than a grade because students should be enrolled in the level they are prepared to study.
Request a free catalog which, besides more information on the program, also includes several great articles such as why we care about learning Latin, what is classical education, advice on homeschooling junior and senior high students, and much more.
Campuses are available in Lake St. Louis, Chesterfield, Eureka/Wildwood, Maplewood, South City, and Fairview Heights. All current director contact info is listed on the top of the website under “Find a CC Community”. Be sure to ask your area director when the next informational meeting will be held.

Crosspoint Christian School
PO BOX 100, Villa Ridge, MO 63089
Contact:  Joshua Haveman, Administrator
Office: 636-742-5380
Cell: 636-259-6582
Crosspoint Christian School in Villa Ridge offers part-time classes for secondary homeschooled students. All students who enroll in at least three classes are also eligible to compete on Crosspoint’s athletic teams.

Liberty Classical School
709 Crestview Dr., O’Fallon, MO 63366
Contact: Daniel H. Benson
Classical school grades 7-12th offering part-time status and classes to homeschoolers.

Wildwood Christian School
4000 ALT Rd, Eureka, MO 63025-2310
Contact: Chris Baker
636 938-7770
Classical school grades 7-12th offering part-time status and classes to homeschoolers.

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