Getting Started

Before you start homeschooling there is basic information you will need.  You should familiarize yourself with the Missouri statute that governs homeschooling in Missouri (the law). You will need to makes some decisions about the curriculum and type of homeschooling that is appropriate for your family as well.


The legal right to homeschool is protected under Missouri Law. The actual statutes are found below.   Some sections of the law have been further clarified by judicial precedence.

Recording Keeping and Tracking Software

These programs are not necessary, though helpful. You may devise any tracking mechanism you would like – digital or manual records can be kept.


While testing is not required under Missouri law, it can be helpful in assessing your childrens’ academic progress.


On this page, you will find links you to the core curriculum standards for each state, extensive lists of major curriculum publishers, curriculum review sites, and direct links to providers of curriculum, curriculum supplements and school equipment and supplies.

  • Local Retailers

  • There are several local retailers offering a wide range of products to homeschoolers, from curriculum to supplemental supplies.
  • Used Curriculum

  • Look for it at the following sources – on-line, local curriculum stores, used curriculum fairs hosted annually by support groups, and community used-book fairs.
  • Digital and On-line E Resources

  • On-line Lessons and Worksheets

  • Free Resources

  • a list of those providing free resources (classes and curriculum only – not field trip providers) that can be used to help supplement a homeschool curriculum.
  • Local Favorites

  • Some favorites links (in no particular order) shared by our readers.

Retailers’ Discounts

Area Retailers and Service Providers Offering Price Discounts for Home Educators offering discounts to those holding home school support group membership cards to participating home school support groups. Some do not require cards and will grant the discount just for the asking.


Books, Periodicals, and Teleconferencing

Special Needs Resources

Gifted and Talented, Learning Disabilities, Counseling and Testing

High School Resources

Fact or Fiction

Revisiting the Common Myths About Homeschooling

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