Learning Centers / Co-op’s

Learning centers offer a broad range of fee based programs and classes for homeschoolers. Co-op’s typically involve parent participation.

Arnold Regional Christian Home Educators (A.R.C.H.E) Workshops
Enrichment classes held on Fridays from 9-3 at
First Baptist Church of Arnold
626 Wren, Arnold, MO 63010
Delondra James and Dianna Baer
email: archegroup09@yahoo.com
For more information go to www.homeschool-life.com/mo/arche

Classical Conversations
The term “classical education” is a phrase that is becoming more common. What does it mean? To put it most simply, classical education is a model of rigorous and thorough education that equips a young student throughout their school days and into adulthood. At the core of this educational process, is the grammar stage.  During this period students soak in knowledge through memorization and learning who, what, where, and when of those facts memorized. As they start to test their boundaries in life, they move into the dialectic stage, and begin to grow in understanding. Students question how facts relate and explore cause and effect. The rhetoric stage occurs during their high school years.  Students draw upon the knowledge they gained during their grammar years and the understanding produced from the dialectic stage in order to formulate their opinions and have the ability to express them with grace, ease, and persuasiveness.
Classical Conversations breaks this process into a manageable plan for homeschooling families through three programs: “Foundations” for students ages 4 to 12 (or 6th grade); “Essentials”, which is taught in addition to Foundations, for students 4th-6th grade; and “Challenge” for junior and high school students.
Foundations meets once a week during the school year for 24 weeks. Class sizes are limited to eight students and their parents. A paid tutor uses games and songs to drill new memory work. Memory work includes geography, English grammar, math, science, history, Latin, the U.S. presidents, and a timeline of the world from creation to modern day America. The children learn about art, famous artists and composers, and practice different painting and drawing techniques. They also learn how to play the tin whistle, study the scientific method through science experiments and weekly perfect their public speaking skills.
Essentials engages the children in English grammar and writing while taking them beyond the worksheet. Students learn to develop the mental skills to sort and classify facts and learn the tools they need to become eloquent, effective writers. This is a program where English grammar is reinforced through conversations with adults who want their students to master the art of language studies. The Essentials program includes sentence diagramming, parts of speech, spelling, vocabulary, phonics, punctuation, writing lessons, and more. On top of this, part of class time is used to drill math facts in order to enable students to work with greater speed and accuracy in mental arithmetic as they prepare for success in Algebra and beyond.
The Challenge program is for students 12 and older. For 30 weeks they study six challenging subjects at home while practicing dialectic & rhetorical skills in a weekly class. An experienced home schooling parent tutors the students in math, foreign language, and science labs. Students also receive suggestions for improving their written work. Other coursework is shared through facilitated discussions. Each level is called a “Challenge” rather than a grade because students should be enrolled in the level they are prepared to study.
Request a free catalog which, besides more information on the program, also includes several great articles such as why we care about learning Latin, what is classical education, advice on homeschooling junior and senior high students, and much more.
Campuses are available in Lake St. Louis, Chesterfield, Eureka/Wildwood, Maplewood, South City, House Springs, and Fairview Heights. All current director contact info is listed on the top of the website under “Find a CC Community”. Be sure to ask your area director when the next informational meeting will be held.
Website: www.classicalconversations.com

Collinsville Homeschool Co-Op
CHC is an educational cooperative bringing families together to provide enriching, supplemental classes. Classes meet Tuesdays at Meadow Heights Baptist Church, Collinsville, IL
Facebook: Collinsville Homeschool Coop
email: collinsvillehomeschoolcoop@gmail.com

Crossroads Christian Connection Co-op
Offers classes for ages birth-18 including: Institute for Excellence in Writing, Apologia Science Labs, Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace, Music and P.E., Cooking, Art, and much more. Meets in St. Peters.
Dawn Griffin 636-240-5645
email: dandawn.griffin@gmail.com
website: www.crossroadschristianconnection.net

Crossroads Christian Connection Hope Co-op
O’Fallon, MO 63366
Contact: Dawn Griffin
Phone: 636-240-5645 after 3:30
Email: dandawn.griffin@gmail.com
Crossroads Christian Connection Co-op provides classes for K-High School.  The nursery and preschool is available for families who have children enrolled in the K- High School classes.  CCC offers non-core classes such as PE and cooking.  The core classes include  Apologia Science Labs in General Science, Physical Science, Biology, and Chemistry.  We also offer history based writing lessons through the Institute in Excellence in Writing.  For information on the other classes offered visit the website.

DaySpring Arts & Education
DaySpring Arts & Education is a place where students can be well equipped in the disciplines of the arts and in skills and education for homeschoolers in a nurturing and challenging environment. Our teachers are professionals in their area, selectively chosen for excellence in their field, ability in teaching and communication, and love of children and people.
DaySpring has complete departments in the following areas, some classes being provided for homeschoolers during the day and some at after school times, as well as summer camps:
-Performing Arts: musical theatre, drama, Shakespeare, Improv, backstage, circus arts
-Music: children’s classes, beginning band instrument classes, chamber music, plus private lessons in piano, voice, guitar, violin, viola, cello, bass, percussion, trumpet, trombone, saxophone, clarinet, flute, oboe.
-Dance: Classical ballet, tap, jazz, modern and hiphop
-Creative Arts Preschool: providing pre academic instruction infused with the arts, including dance, music and art. 2 to 3 days a week.
Academy: Enrichment classes in science, foreign language, social studies and language arts, as well as most arts classes above; PLUS a unique 2-3 day a week program providing full instruction and schedules for homeschoolers in core subject classes, Kindergarten thru High school. A la carte Classes may be taken from middle school and up.
DaySpring also provides student and faculty performances in the areas above for the community and school groups, up to 10 theatrical/dance performances a year and many music recitals.
2500 Metro, in Maryland Heights, just east of Dorsett and I-270, and at Gateway House of Prayer in Crestwood, at Lindbergh and Sappington. 314.291.8878

Classes are held on Mondays at First Baptist Church of Ellisville, for two 12-week semesters. All homeschool families seeking instruction in a Christ-centered environment may apply.  This is a learning center administered by home school moms.   Please do not call First Baptist Church of Ellisville for information.
A full listing of classes and course descriptions is available at the website. Students may enroll in any number of classes, from one up to a full day.  For breaks between classes, students can choose to sign up for study hall – a supervised, quiet environment, or go to the break room for shorter breaks and to eat lunch or a snack.
Elementary Grades
Art, Music, Geography, Science, Spanish, Theater, Writing, Latin & Lego Lab
Middle & High School
Art, Music, Classical Geography, Composition, Humanities, Latin, Public Speaking, Apologia Science — General Science, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry & Physics, War of World Views, ACT Prep, Spanish & Theater
Some middle & high school classes require students to begin coursework on their own before classes begin. Preliminary assignments will be sent by the teachers via email. Students in high school classes will also receive assignments to be done in December.

The Exploring Center
72 Tara Lane, St. Peters, MO  63376
e-mail exploringcenter@charter.net.
The Exploring Center concentrates on bringing history alive.  Students not only learn history, but they also live history.  They make appropriate clothing, eat foods of the period, and build models of homes.

Homelink Learning Center (sponsored by SHARE)
Classes are held at St. Andrew Catholic Church, 309 Hoffmeister, St. Louis, MO 63125; using the former St. Andrew Catholic School building.
Directors: Cathy Mullins 314-769-7965
email: ekcjmullins@gmail.com
Kerrie Tate 3141-791-0000
email: kertatehomelink@aol.com
www.homeschool-life.com/mo/share Click on Homelink classes
HomeLink’s purpose is to assist families with homeschooling and to provide support, encouragement, accountability, and training that will enhance the parent’s role as parent-teacher.  It is not really a school.  Rather, the program links academics to the students at home.  It operates as a “college model,” allowing students to come to a class for one period per week, then accomplishing their study for that class at home, then returning the following week to review their work and move to the next lesson in the class.  The targeted group for actual classes in HomeLink are grades 6-12 (sometimes younger).  The classes are offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Courses offered include, but are not limited to:  General Science, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics (the last 4 having labs),  Spanish, German, Japanese, General Math for grades 4-8, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Algebra 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, English, Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW), American Literature, Composition, World History, British Literature,  Composition, World Geography, Hands On English, Ancient Civilizations, Nutrition and Wellness, Missouri State History, Music Appreciation, ACT Prep, Personal Finance, Capsela Physics, Economics/Business & Advertising, Guitar, Developing Reading Skills, and Art.

Homeschool Network
Chesterfield Presbyterian Church
Contact: Noel Kellogg, Director, noelk@chespres.org , 636-779-0323
www.chespres.org under Children’s Ministries
The Homeschool Network is designed to supplement the home school family’s regular core and non-core curriculum, offering morning and afternoon sessions. Classes in music, art, geography, literature, PE, science, and communications for grades K-8. Call or e-mail for more information.

Homeschooler Link
Homeschooler Link provides ways for home school families in the St. Charles County and surrounding areas to find the resources and activities they need in their home school. We have Enrichment Thursdays classes which focus on the extracurricular activities like art, drama, choir, band, and more. We plan activities for families and children to get together like field trips, holiday parties, dances, mom/parent’s night, and more. Memberships are free!
Website: www.homeschoolerlink.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/179835625510938/
Email: schomeschoolerlink@gmail.com

Open Doors Education
For those looking for a friendly, Christian environment in which their children can learn, Open Doors has a two day a week program, currently for children in 2nd – 8th grade. Children learn math, writing, science, social studies, art, Biztown, and recorder. A small amount of work is assigned for two extra days at home. Taught by  experienced teachers in a beautiful Creve Coeur location, and with lots of outdoor play built in, this is a flexible program for families who love homeschooling but don’t want to do it alone. Students can also attend for just one day or just one subject, though most partake in the entire program. Our desire is to support families and their unique learners, and to involve parents in decision-making. Contact Ali Grimshaw (aligrimshaw808@gmail.com) for more information.

Maverick Learning Center
A safe environment for students of all backgrounds. We believe that the best way to promote a healthy community is through unity. We accomplish this by offering resources to families with traditional and/or non-traditional learners, and classes that will both stretch and academically grow all of our students’ educational needs. We also offer free tutoring to families in need.
To contact us:
Director: Francesca Cooper (636) 462-0933
Assistant Director: Heather Dantzler (314) 495-2581

Memorial Homeschool Co-op
A Christian, parent-led coop that meets on Wednesday mornings in St. Louis City close to Wash U. We have hands-on classes and field trips for 3 years old -5th grade in subjects ranging from science and art to social studies.  Affordable fees are charged to cover supplies and to pay parent teachers.  Free nursery is provided. Please email Catha for more information at pureriskcjg@yahoo.com

Pillar Foundation
15820 Clayton Rd., Ellisville, MO 63011
Contact: Mike Cordner
Specializes in junior and senior high school and adult American Christian History, Constitutional Law, economics, science and precept bible studies. Classes differ each year.

Promise Christian Academy
1809 Clarkson Road, Chesterfield, Missouri 63017
Meredith Heintz, School Administrator
Offering enrichment classes on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons for two 14-week semesters for children who have differences in learning style, differences in physical and cognitive ability, and differences in approach to solving problems.  Additionally, 5-week Winter Session on Wednesday afternoons will include Art being incorporated with OT and SLP.

Providence Fine Arts Center
New Hope Baptist Church, 4450 Edmundson Road, Edmundson, MO  63134
Contact person:  Michelle Schaefer
phone: 314-489-7630
e-mail: info@providencefac.org
Providing instrumental, vocal, and drama programs including a preschool class, four orchestras, three choirs, two drama programs, and several instrumental classes, designed for young children through high school ages. All classes meet conveniently on Thursdays to help homeschoolers save gas money and time.

St. Charles Christian Home Educators Learning Center
Dorene Glenn  learningcenterdorene@gmail.com
The SCCHE Learning Center strives to assist the homeschool family with supplemental, once-weekly classes in a Christ-centered environment for upper junior high through high school students. Classes meet on Tuesdays from 8:30-2:30 in St. Peters. – for SCCHE members only.

St. Clair County Christian Home Educators (S.C.C.C.H.E.)
St. Clair County, IL
The group hosts a co-op on Fridays with classes in drama, Latin, etiquette, art and much more. There is a small fee for members of other home school groups.

St. Louis Homeschool Network
A support group for homeschooling families and information source for prospective homeschoolers, organized and run by volunteer efforts.  The group is diverse with many religious, political and educational philosophies, with the focus exclusively on homeschooling. Group activities include a learning cooperative, private email group and bi-monthly meetings. See the website for contact information.

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